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It was quite a week. Wyatt had emergency surgery on Wednesday and since then it has been all about healing and recovery here.

Read Last Week:

I absolutely inhaled this book on Sunday and Monday. It was so good!! It actually freaked me out in parts and I loved the ending and the characters, and well everything really. Review soon. After that, I didn’t read at all, due to circumstances listed above. I did listen to lots and lots of podcasts!

Reading This Week:

I am not sure how much reading I will do. When I am anxious I tend to not be able to read very much. I did curbside pick up my grab bag of books for Wyatt at the library and my own library holds, so I have a few cozy mysteries to choose from. I may end up reading this. We will see!

Posted Last Week:

Book Review: The Conjurer


From Smiles to Stitches

Watching and Listening:

Father Brown, Wild Bill (Rob Lowe…), Teenage Bounty Hunters for our watch list right now. And the podcasts I am listening to like crazy are Casefiles, Redhanded the Podcast, Homemaker Chic, and Lore.

Stay safe everyone!


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Gosh, I’m so glad you went straight to the doctor. I hope Wyatt has a quick recovery. My great-nephew has a shunt (he’s three) but so far it has not given him any problems.

    I sent my vampire-book-loving friend a link to your blog. She read your review of The Southern Book Club book and said she’s ordering it right now. Thank you!

    We started watching Umbrella Academy this week. My husband surprised me; he really liked it. I think we will watch more.

    Sending good thoughts for healing.

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    1. I am so thankful too~ we have gone before a few times for the same thing and it has always been nothing, and we hesitated a tiny bit due to the pandemic. I am glad we went ahead and acted as we always do. 🙂 They think it might have malfunctioned due to his growth spurt; he has grown like crazy in the last month, very quickly and they said sometimes that can do it. I am glad that your grand-nephew has not had issues with his!

      It was so good!! It was sort of a different kind of vampire type book, but I really enjoyed it.

      We love the Umbrella Academy! I am glad you are enjoying it as well. And thank you. 🙂


  2. Just read your previous post – Hugs to you and your son!! You both are super strong people, and yes – Wyatt is very resilient! I love seeing those smiles on these pages!

    The Grady Hendrix book sounds very quirky and has me wanting to read it just for that title and cover, lol! Hope this week is a win and a relaxing one for you!

    (I used way too many exclamation points in this comment.)

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    1. Aw thank you Athira! I was missing his smile for a few days and it is good to see it on his face again. 🙂

      I know that cover and title made me want to immediately read it too! And it was so good!

      Thank you. 🙂 And I often use the exclamation point quite a bit too. 🙂


  3. Oh I’m sorry to hear about Wyatt but glad that he is recovering and doing well, sounds like (I went over and read the post. Poor guy to have to go through that but he sounds like a trooper). Hope this is a good week for him.

    The Southern Book Club does sound like a good one!

    Hang in there and be well this week!!!

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  4. Poor Wyatt! He’s such a good little trooper though, going through surgery and homeschooling and all. He’s looking so grown-up in recent pics; I think he looks like a mini you!

    Thank goodness for books, for boy and Mom! My husband had to be admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago, and turned out all negative but he contracted a brutal germ from there, which has him 3 weeks later on asthma medicines, antibiotics and steroids, but still coughing! These are the times we live in… books and family make it go more smoothly. Take care.

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    1. I know right, he looks like such a little boy now!! He is a tough cookie too for sure.

      And thank you! I think he definitely has my grin. 🙂

      Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that! Everything is so much more complicated now. 😦 But yes – books and family make it much better. I hope you guys take care and your husband feels better soon!


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