From Smiles to Stitches

This week started off with Wyatt’s first day of kindergarten, homeschool style! We had laughs and learning, and my hope is to foster a school year full of wonder and curiosity.

Our week went awry midweek though – early Wednesday morning Wyatt started throwing up at about 3 a.m. I don’t talk much here about some of the medical things Wyatt deals with, but one thing he has is a shunt that regulates the fluid in his brain. He has had it since he was one month old, and has never had a revision, which apparently is pretty unusual for a child to go this long without needing one. Well, one sign that the shunt is malfunctioning is repeated vomiting with no discernible other reason. After he vomited three times, we gathered him up and packed a bag and headed to the ER, crossing our fingers it was nothing. It ended up being a shunt malfunction, which was discovered very quickly by the amazing staff at the hospital. Within hours, Wyatt was in surgery, then in recovery. Within 24 hours Wyatt was home recovering. It has been a whirlwind of emotion and this momma is tired. We both slept in today, and he is now watching Mickey Mouse and eating Fruit Loops while I sip coffee and type this up. Billy is taking today off and is on a little walk and we plan on taking it easy today, but the hospital expects Wyatt to be able to resume his normal life activities probably by Sunday, maybe just with more breaks.

The resilience of my child is amazing. His tenacity and strength of will, which can be a test on normal days, is his power during times like this. He is a little groggier than usual, but otherwise happy to watching his cartoons and singing along.


24 thoughts on “From Smiles to Stitches

      1. Absolutely. Anytime. And I really did pray as soon as I got your message that day. I didn’t just say it! πŸ˜‰ I know sometimes we mean well and say “Oh, I’ll pray for you,” but this time I immediately prayed and prayed throughout the day! I’m so glad he is home and safe again. Now we can read more about all the wonderful lessons his mom puts together for him!

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  2. Oh no – in a year when nothing ever quite goes as planned, what an unwelcome addition to pile on to you. Such a rollercoaster of a week! I’m so glad to hear that he is home recovering already, and I hope he’s back to the adorable school day smiles of that photo very soon.

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    1. For the first time ever, we were slightly hesitant to go to the ER, despite knowing in our hearts we needed to. I hate how COVID has made things already complex more difficult! I am so very thankful and grateful to the hospital staff who made the whole process less scary and so efficient! We are coming along, slowly but surely! πŸ™‚


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