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Last week was sort of crazy – I had my virtual conference, where I watched about two hours of workshops a day. I have lifetime access to them so I can just keep going though so that is good. I learned so much! Then Wyatt had a 90 second focal seizure on Wednesday – it was terrifying for us both. It required another call to his neuro and raising of his meds so please keep your fingers crossed and say all the prayers that this dose is the right dose. Needless to say, my reading was not really on par last week. I did finish my book Honey and Venom, and the review should be up this week. It was pretty fascinating!

Reading This Week:

Then this week I am reading the same books I posted as reading last week, since I didn’t get to them.

Posted Last Week:

I did post once or twice last week – I talked about Paris in July here and then about our Homeschooling, Deer Week Summer Edition here.


We watched The Order Season 2 this week – start to finish. It was so good! Now we have to wait all over again for a season 3 – if there is one! We also watched Nancy Drew, which I am loving as well. For movie night, we watched The Current War (Amazon Prime) with Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch. It was really really well done – and highlighted to me how little I know about that part of history, and how much Billy knows. The movie is a little confusing I think if you are not familiar with the whole A/C vs. D/C debate, or Tesla’s contributions, at least in my opinion. Billy had to explain some things to me as we watched which made it easier to follow. I really enjoyed the movie though, despite my lack of knowledge, because, well, now I know more!


18 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. I am so sorry you are having to go through this with your son. I hope the doctors are able to come up with the right combination of medications to help him. Sending good thoughts and prayers.

    I will share Honey and Venom with some of my Texas Master Naturalist friends. I have several friends who have or want to have bees.


  2. Kathy Martin

    Sorry about Wyatt. That must have been terrifying. I hope the new dose is the correct one. There will always be time for reading. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  3. Mae Sander

    I hope your son recovers quickly when his medication is working. I can only imagine how panicky it must make you.

    be well. mae at


  4. Good luck to Wyatt- so sorry that happened! That must be so traumatizing.

    the Order! I saw that season two popped up, and I’m somewhere in season one (a few episodes in I think maybe?). I started it a while back and then got sidetracked. S2 looks awesome though so I’m gonna jump back in. 🙂


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