Paris in July

Oo la la, I am so excited for Paris in July this year. Last year was my very first foray into this challenge and though I was a bit of a slow starter I had such a good time. And met some wonderful new people, which was the very best part! It is hosted by Thyme for Tea and she has some great suggestions to get the wheels turning… reading a French themed book, watching a French/French themed movie, listening to French music, cooking French food. And while I won’t be traveling to Paris this year (or probably anytime soon, Paris still remains a dream!) this is a way to celebrate all things French online!

I have begun my planning for it, and I feel like I am ready this year. One thing I enjoy about this challenge is that my husband gets involved. He is a bit of a Francophile as well, so it is always fun to plan with him different things to do. He reminded me that at one point in history Detroit was known as the Paris of the midwest, which is something I might explore this year for the challenge.

Last year I also read French themed picture books to Wyatt, which I am going to try to do again this year, although with the libraries being what they are now, I am not sure at our success. So I might have to get creative with ways to include Wyatt.

One thing different this year, there is no Tour de France in July! Billy and I have watched every day, every year, for years now. We are huge fans (he watches all the other races as well so I guess he is an actual cycling fan) and it will be weird without it kicking off in July this year. However, it is slated for August so fingers crossed it still happens. We dream of taking Wyatt to the Tour when he is ten, and setting up in one of the villages to cheer the cyclists on. We still have five years for that to happen so hopefully things are better by then!

If you are interested in learning more, pop over to Thyme for Tea and check out all the info! It is a great time!


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  1. Rick and I are devastated there is no Tour this year. Last night we watched the movie “Lance” (a doc) on ESPN 30for30 on demand. It was fascinating — a pretty damaged individual that we both acknowledged had more than a few Trumpian characteristics. I could go on because there’s loads of discussion there but the point is, I got to see cycling again. There is such a thrill with that overhead shot of a hundred or more bikes going down the road in formation, then the breakaways. OK, I digress.

    I’ve been doing Paris in July for ages. I have three of my posts done and on the lookout for more. It’s great fun and I love the diversity of it!

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    1. It won’t feel like July!! It is supposed to start at the end of August but it is going to have such a different feel. I imagine it will feel differently to the cyclists as well, with different weather conditions, I would imagine. The peloton shots are so exciting, I agree!! So much energy – can you imagine how loud it is? I am a terrible bike rider and am actually sort of afraid to ride, I’ve had accidents, so to think of them all so close together going so fast! Crazy. That is actually how Billy fractured his elbow in May – bike accident.

      That is awesome!! I have one all finished but that is it.And you are one of the wonderful people I met last year! 🙂


      1. Rick says he’s not even sure if it will go but I hope he’s wrong. He knows more about this than I did — he used to race when he was younger (was in the nationals even!) but now just does road rides and long bike hikes. He was planning to ride to Cleveland in September for my cousin’s daughter’s wedding — not the four hour by car routes but over to Canada, up to Algonquin, over to Ottawa, down into the states and through NY and PA..He may still take the trip (or not) with or without the wedding, My doc told me not to go. It will depend for him on the the border and the virus. So, we’ll see. But we’ll enjoy for sure if it goes as planned. You’re right about the conditions being different that much later — probably especially in the mountain stages.

        I hope Billy’s elbow is well on the mend and that it won’t affect him too much in the future. I’m definitely not a cyclist. I fall off!

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      2. I am not sure what will happen either honestly. I feel like they will lose so much money as teams if they don’t have it, but at the same time I don’t see how they can? If they do, it will certainly be a different tour I am sure. I can’t imagine they will let all those people line the streets and watch, for one. It’ll be interesting to see what happens!

        Wow that would be an amazing trip!!! This virus – I am so tired of it. 😦

        Thanks Jeannie! It is getting better – he is so upset he can’t ride right now. And yeah, me too….

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  2. I had grand plans to do this and the Japanese lit challenge this year – the latter didn’t happen and this may not either. I’ve already over-committed to summer reading challenges and so I’ll watch from the sidelines this year and hopefully join in next year.

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  4. Welcome back to Paris in July!
    I think we’ll all have to get creative this year with not only bookish challenges, but life stuff in general. At least Paris in July gives us a chance for some light relief.

    I look forward to your Paris-themed books with Wyatt (as my first post will show).
    I’m not sure any cities in Australia get called the Paris of the…But my favourite local coffee shop has a French name – Cafe d’Yvoire – and menu.

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    1. So true!! These times call for some creativity and ingenuity! And I think Paris in July should be a great deal of fun. 🙂 I can’t wait to pop over to your post now!

      I am curious myself as to why Detroit was once thought of as the Paris of the Midwest. I am going to do some research and track down any French architecture in the city though. I know that it was once a French city, De Troit. I am looking forward to reading about its past.

      Oo I miss French baked goods!

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  5. The Reading Life

    I have participated in this wonderful event for six years, i always enjoy Reading The numerous great posts. I am strictly a book blogger and tbis expands my knowledge of Paris.

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