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It was Billy’s first full week back at work in the office full time last week and I was a bundle of nerves between that and the hospital visit, so I had a hard time reading. I find when I am having some anxiety movement and physical activity really help me. I am thinking about joining a few Zoom Yoga classes- has anyone done one? The Sweetbriar Nature Center has quite a few days and times available and I like that the money goes to taking care of their animals. It’s on my radar for this week. Wyatt and I focused on his homeschooling this week, where our theme was plants and gardens! It was a pretty fun lesson that ended in strawberries.

Read Last Week:

I continued reading Watership Down, my favorite book of all time. Every time I read it I find something else in it that makes me think or resonates with how I am feeling at the time. You all should see my poor copy! It is very well read looking, with underlinings and notes. I should probably buy a “good copy” one day but this copy will always remain with me – it is my third or fourth copy by this time as well. Lol.

Reading This Week:

Sticking with what I know is working for me, and this cozy series is a winner right now. Although it makes me really want to visit marshes and beaches and lighthouses! And libraries, sadly. I miss our library and library staff!


When Calls the Heart, although I think we have only one episode left! Noooooooo. We also started Rosemary and Thyme on Britbox and we are enjoying it. We had movie night on Friday and watched Knives Out which was amazing!!!! I loved it so much. Billy told me they are going to make a second one which I am very excited about. We are having another movie night tonight but are not sure what we are watching yet. I am also watching Sweet Magnolias in the afternoons and I am enjoying it – although it makes me want a margarita.

Posted Last Week:

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Stay Safe!


30 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Ha-ha, I had the same thought, wishing for a margarita…or three, when viewing Sweet Magnolias. I just started it last night. Did you ever see the actor Brooke Elliott in the show Drop Dead Diva?

    I must check out that cozy series, as I do love lighthouses and beaches.

    Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

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  2. I first started yoga when I had a demanding boss and our whole school was suffering. Our Y has online yoga classes, but I haven’t tried them yet. Yoga seems to be available everywhere on the net, too. I started by buying a mat and some comfortable yoga clothes. Those encouraged me to jump in. I’ve been doing yoga for about ten years now, and I have made my own little yoga routine for home. I don’t like it as much as I liked my class, but it will do for now.

    I love Watership Down. I like imagining how your book looks after so many reads.

    I’m glad you are able to do your homeschooling outside, with nature themes. It’s the perfect time for that.

    Have a good week!

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    1. I did yoga for years until Wyatt – I am long out of practice! I’ve only been in an actual class though – I think I am going to try this Zoom!! It’s been so long I think I need guidance unfortunately. Lol.

      My poor book. 🙂 It looks well loved.

      The weather has been cooperative lately for learning outside!


  3. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    What a fun subject for homeschooling! A cozy mystery sounds good. I love lighthouses, too. We did a road trip two years ago and hit almost all of the lighthouses up Northern California, Oregon and Washington. The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous! Happy reading!

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  4. It is scary to go back, for sure.

    I love cozies but don’t always read them. I feel like now with everything they’re sort of extra relaxing?

    Take care and hope you guys have a nice weekend!

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    1. It is! His company is putting in a tremendous effort though – bi-weekly cleanings with a professional company that has some sort of mega cleaning product that continues to work all week, they bought masks for all the employees, they temp check everyone, and they are installing shower curtains between desks. They are definitely trying!

      They really are. I love cozies!

      Thanks Greg, you too!


  5. Susan

    Watership Down is a great book …. I read that in the summer of ’77 I think while we were at the beach for a week. I think I need to reread it as it’s been way too long to remember the details. But the story definitely came alive to me. … I didn’t realize there will be a Knives Out 2…. hmm. enjoy your week.

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  6. Kathy Martin

    I hope things go well as your Billy goes back to the office to work. Things are opening up here too despite our state not having reached its peak of cases. I’m still staying home as much as possible. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks Kathy! They remained open throughout as an essential business but he was able to work part time from home. 😦 They are doing a lot of different measures to try to keep them all safe so prayers it works.

      Yes, I would stay home too. I am still staying home and we are past the peak – we were at 200 cases statewide yesterday which is the lowest we have seen for a long time. But we are still laying low here and plan to for a long while I think. 😦


  7. Ooooh. Maybe I should reread Watership Down for Sue’s Big Book Summer Challenge. My father basically made me read it when I was young, and I really didn’t think I would like it, but I loved it. I also loved The Once and Future King by T.H. White. That’s probably over 400 pages too!

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  8. I’ve actually never read Watership Down. I think it might have been required reading in high school (like, 30+ years ago) but it was one that I decided I didn’t want to read. (I had quite the attitude about being told what I had to read back then. LOL)


  9. *Flora*

    I watched all the Rosemary & Thyme episodes when they were aired here in the UK. I really enjoyed them. Hope you find a Zoom to keep your anxiety in check, Erin. Take care. X


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