Random Daydream Wish List

For some reason, being in shelter-in-place has made me an online window shopper. I am not really a big consumer, I don’t buy that much (except books now these days!) but maybe it is just being at home or something, but I have come up with the most random daydream wish list. My husband was laughing the other day at all the different things I have said I wanted to get. I haven’t bought these things, nor will I, I am sure. but it’s fun to daydream sometimes!

A rabbit! I love rabbits so much and I have wanted one since I was a little girl. I will probably get one, one day, but maybe when Wyatt is older.. I love these Holland Lops and Flemish Giants. One is tiny, the other huge! Maybe until then I will just get this art print from Etsy.

A blue velvet couch. Because that is so practical for my life. Lol. I don’t think five year olds and cats and velvet couches go together very well.

Every plate this artist creates to use as our everyday dishes.

A retro camper trailer. Because everyone should impulse internet buy a camper. We do want one, but it probably won’t be bought all willy nilly spur of the moment online.

Ducks. Which we aren’t even allowed to own in my city.

So yeah, this is something I actually did randomly do. I bought small shares of stocks. I know absolutely nothing about the stock market or investing or money anything. But hey, now I own a few stocks. Or small shares of some.

Anyone else at home considering making off the wall (for you) purchases? Or at least entertaining the idea? Have you bought anything? What is the weirdest thing you have bought?


15 thoughts on “Random Daydream Wish List

  1. Ha-ha, there is nothing more fun than dreaming…and online shopping is a great way to make the dreams feel like reality. Mostly I buy trinkets and books. The other day I ordered a corner shelf where I can stash more of my stuff. My place, with all this sheltering, is starting to look a little…cluttered? LOL.

    BTW, I love that blue velvet couch.

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    1. I love that darn couch!! Lol.

      Lol and nothing wrong with a little treasure collecting! 🙂 You have to make smiles for yourself somehow right now. I was just thinking I needed a few shelves for Wyatt’s room to accommodate all these new books. We usually use the library but I have been having to buy more for him with the library being shutdown. Now we need more places to put them!

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    1. Lol thanks! That couch is so cool right? I’m not sure it would survive my family though. And rabbits are so darn cute!! Also probably wouldn’t survive my family right now…well at least the furry ones. That’s a big hurdle right now.


  2. I have three rabbits! They are all as different as night and day but just so much fun. They keep you on your toes.

    Absolutely love those dishes- I daydream about updating my whole set with eclectic and colorful plates like that!

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