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Last week was, well, another week. Lol. Wyatt and I really dug into homeschooling, with lots of projects and learning about weather. Then yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She is hanging tough, quarantining alone, but we did go over and drop off a gift that I ordered for her. I ordered her a DIY card making set, since she likes to send cards to people and also because it will occupy her time as well, making them. I also added a set of Flair markers because I love them and I thought she might like them too. We had started a plant from seed for her but either it didn’t make it or hasn’t emerged yet! We had a surprise when we visited too, a raccoon living in her tree! We visited for a bit, in the front yard and 8 feet apart, then later we had a video chat birthday cake and ice cream with her. My brother and his family visited her in the same way, and spent a good while chatting with her. We do what we can!

Read Last Week:

So yeah, still reading this series. I figure if it’s working I will stick with it! I did try to read two different books, and I just couldn’t, so it was back to witches and ghosts. These are pretty good though, and I will just keep reading them until I am done I guess! (or get tired of them)

Reading This Week:

I am obviously enjoying this series. Lol. The main character is intriguing and I think she is practical and tough and relatable, despite being a witch and psychic. The stories are interesting, the supporting characters are just as interesting as the main, and they are quick reads that are holding my attention at a time when I am finding it difficult to concentrate on reading.

Posted Last Week:

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When Calls the Heart and Sanditon are our go-to shows at night right now. On weekends we are doing “movie nights” and this weekend we watched The Pale Horse (although technically not a movie) and then Blow the Man Down which was a recommendation from Greg at Book Haven. We are so glad he suggested it last week, we both loved it! It was totally quirky and well done and just so different. I told my mom and brother to watch it too. I thought The Pale Horse was well acted and held my interest, but I can’t say I necessarily liked it. Does that make sense? I haven’t read the book, but I did google the synopsis after watching the Amazon show, and saw the book is nothing like what we watched. I am putting the book on my list to read though!

How are you all? What are watching, reading, eating?


31 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. How lovely that you were able to spend time with your mother. It was my father’s birthday last week, so we FaceTimed and sung him happy birthday, they live over an hours drive away which is outside the area current distancing regulations allow us to travel.
    i really enjoyed watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist This week, and I’m keeping up with Where Calls the Heart too.

    Wishing you a great reading week, be well xx

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    1. This is so hard on us all over the globe. 😦 Thank goodness for technology and FaceTime! My mom is only about twenty minutes away so I have been popping over to see how she is in, keeping in mind social distancing of course. I will have to check out Zoey!

      Thanks, and you too Shelleyrae!

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  2. I’ve been watching The Chosen (tv series based on the life of Christ but using characters around him and their backstories to tell it. Very well acted. I just finished on book — a romance. It was okay, pretty well written actually. Might have fallen apart a little at the end. I’m also reading Peggy Rowe’s latest book, About Your Father.

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  3. What an excellent idea for a gift. I see my daughter-in-law’s mother painting for the first time in forty years and I think how great it is for people to use this time well.

    I’m glad you found something to read that you are enjoying. I have whole days when I don’t do much reading, and that’s not normal for me.

    Thanks for the reminder about Sanditon. I have been meaning to watch it.

    Have a good week.

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    1. I love to see how some people are getting so creative in their quarantine. 🙂 My mom already made two cards!

      It’s weird isn’t it, how reading is something all of us in this book blogging community are struggling with reading, when it is something that is such a huge part of all of us? I picked up a few nature books the other day and just couldn’t get past the first pages. 😦

      It’s pretty good!!


  4. I love it when a series holds me captive! The excitement of reading it, the familiarity of the characters and the writing style all help. I haven’t heard of this series but glad you’re loving it. Happy belated birthday to your mom! This season has certainly been tough to a lot of people, out of necessity. Hope things will return back to normal soon.

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  5. Lauren Becker

    Aw, I’m sure your mom really appreciated how you celebrated her birthday. It’s crazy times, but those little things are always nice. I like that you gave her a card making set – definitely something fun to work on, and then she can send notes to people she loves!



    1. Thanks! She has really been enjoying it, making cards and mailing them out already!

      This is really weird for me honestly – I usually never even finish a series! I think the weird times we are living in have made me hold on to what I am enjoying. 🙂 Lol.


  6. Happy birthday to your mom! Nice that you guys were able to do that. My mom lives alone too and even though we talk every day I’m not able to see her enough, and I know the isolation is taking a toll on her. It’s tough!

    I’m so glad you guys liked Blow The Man Down! It was actually a recommendation to me from Karen over at For What It’s Worth. She mentioned it and I watched it on a lark and really liked it!

    Have a safe week!

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  7. The witch and ghost series sounds interesting! Glad you had a good visit with your mom. My parents drove over and visited from the yard one day. We haven’t seen them since early November since they go south for winter and just got back last month! Enjoy your week and stay safe 🙂

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  8. Home schooling is so tough, at least for us! My daughter is very self-motivated, but home schooling my son is a full time job! I’m glad that you got to celebrate your mom’s birthday, even if it was in a socially distanced way!

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    1. Wyatt rebels if I push too hard or try to do too much – I’ve been breaking work up into small little chunks throughout the day with breaks. Otherwise he gets cranky and whiny.

      It was so nice to see her, even though we had to stay apart!


  9. *Flora*

    Wyatt looks to be really enjoying his homeschooling – great job, Erin!
    I’m glad you’ve found some books that you like reading, they sound really good too – perhaps I’ll check them out too.
    Have a great week, stay safe & healthy. x

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