National Parks Week!

Our family loves to hike and be outside, and before we had Wyatt, Billy and I had made plans to visit as many National Parks as we could. Notice the key word there, plans. We have visited a couple so far, but we were waiting until well, this year, to start visiting again, a plan that might be on hold for a little bit.

While we can’t visit this year, there are ways we can “visit” virtually if you need an escape for a bit. I love Instagram and always find different events and information through following different accounts, which is how I found out that Yosemite was hosting a virtual campfire program Saturday night. We set up Wyatt’s tent in the living room, lit a virtual fire on my laptop, gathered blankets and pillows and snacks, and tuned in. My brother and his family did the same, and we video chatted each other before the event. It was the closest we could get to hanging out right now, but it was nice to see my little niece having such a fun time doing the same thing we were.

It’s not the same as visiting in person, but there are ways to visit virtually! I am adding some here, and I might add to this list as the week goes along, so keep checking back!

The complete list of National Park Week events from the NPS. If you scroll down there is a list of all these different parks and if you click on a park listed, it takes you to their pages of events! So many to choose from and look through!

Take a virtual visit to a park!

The NPS has a checklist of a great ways to celebrate the National Parks virutally

Or if you have kids, here is a complete list of how to earn Junior Ranger Badges at home from the blog Craft Knife

A few free coloring sheets from The Landmark Project..

Billy and I spent some time coloring on Saturday…

Follow Parks Project on Instagram for a different challenge everyday, like trivia, playlists, and challenges!

And of course, there are always books! We may not be able to go to the library in person, but these books are available digitally or if not, for purchase. These are a few that I have read, but there are obviously tons out there – I even picked up a few more to read while grabbing these cover images! This list is a mixed bag of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books but I have enjoyed them all!

Later this week I will be sharing some of our previous adventures at National Parks. What is your favorite park?


8 thoughts on “National Parks Week!

  1. Have yet to visit a national park I’m afraid. We’d like to visit Yosemite. I know there are more lodgings available where you don’t have to camp out in a tent. Love what you’re doing with Wyatt.


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  3. *Flora*

    Hubby and I spent a night in Yosemite as part of our three week honeymoon back in 1999 – I can still smell the overwhelming scent of pine as we stepped off the coach. Wonderful. x

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