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Another week of shelter-in-place. Billy took the week off this past week and it was really nice to have him home. I was much more relaxed knowing he was home with us and not out at work. And while we did a lot of lazy things this week, we realized last night that being just sort of couch potatoes is not something we really ever do a whole lot of. So it was interesting to just lay about. The weather was horrid this week, we even had an all day snow on Friday, and we just stayed inside with the exception of a few rides around town to just get out for a minute. We also worked with Wyatt together for his homeschool, learning about the letter R and rabbits, and we had so much fun doing it! This week and next we are going to focus on weather, and I am in the process of pulling that all together still. We watched a stream of the DSO classroom edition, which was really cool. It was about the many moods of music and Wyatt absolutely loved it! Saturday night we tuned in to a virtual campfire program with Yosemite National Park. We set up the tent in the living room and went all out. It was fun! I am trying to take advantage of some of these virtual events as much as I can – or at least as much as I remember to do so.

Read Last Week:

I haven’t been able to really read since COVID started, until this series. I can only read about ghosts right now apparently. But since I am able to read this series, I am sticking with it! It is pretty good! And so far they have all been included in my Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership.

Reading This Week:

Posted Last Week:

I reviewed a few board games for kids here, and then talked about our massive craving for junk food here.


Still watching When Calls the Heart, although we are nearing the end of the seasons available. Good news though, the newest season will start this upcoming week. Lol. Yay! We watched a movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Saturday night too, after kiddo went to bed. It was pretty good!

And that’s it from my corner of the world. How about you?


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Ooh, I am curious about that virtual campfire program. In my childhood, we spent a week every year in Yosemite, back when they used to have those fire falls. I miss those times!

    Your shelter in place plans look good. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

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  2. You are rocking the home school with Wyatt. Well done! I’d like to learn at your school myself and I bet I could learn a lot! I’m really quite impressed. And you’re right about last weeks weather. It was probably extra nice to have Billy home that week.

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  3. I love hearing about all the homeschooling things you are doing with your son. That’s the sort of teaching I liked best, the sort of teaching, I think, that leads to the most learning…spontaneous, concrete, fun. I will have to look into the Yosemite campfire. I need a trip to Yosemite.

    I’m glad you have been able to get back into reading. It took me forever to be able to read once this whole thing started, and now I worry because that’s all I am doing.

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  4. Sounds like the home schooling is going really well – that’s great! You have so many good ideas and creative projects. Not sure I could have done that. Glad you found a series that appeals to you right now. I haven’t been able to read much nonfiction or serious/heavy fiction since this all started… lighter seems to be better!

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    1. I can’t read anything serious either. Or too happy! It’s weird but it reminds me too much of what we are missing I guess. I think that is why I settled on ghost stories and spooky – the stories themselves are not very complicated and the characters are not necessarily living their best lives… lol.

      And so far so good! We are having fun. I love a theme so it’s been fun to pull everything together.


  5. My tween is now using my older Kindle and is sampling books and downloading what she likes. I’m glad she’s doing that as taking her to library used to be such a pain where she would mope and have this pinched, tortured look on her face when going down library aisles.

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  6. Glad that you’re enjoying more family time! We’ve been having a cold week too but thankfully no snow. I don’t think I could handle that. We’ve already not stepped out much this week and I’m hoping for warmer weather this week.

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    1. I think I am going to spend some time finding a few more events to line up for us. 🙂 It was fun!

      We had gotten Wyatt a play tent for Christmas and I left it in our family room after Christmas was over, as a play place and somewhere to read. Billy and I hang out of it but we can all get in. Lol. Wyatt and I fit ok the two of us.

      And thanks!

      Have a good week as well!

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  7. Kathy Martin

    Sounds like there are lots of online things to keep you busy during lockdown. I’m finding that audiobooks are better for me than print books right now. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  8. That virtual campfire program sounds so cool! And yes the weather was iffy this week! We had some sunshine but also snow flurries as well and it got cold again! Yikes. Glad you guys had a good week though. It is funny how relaxing it can be just to have some downtime and veg!

    If you’re looking for a fun movie I watched Blow the Man Down this past week on Amazon Prime if you have that. A blogger recommended it and it was surprisingly kinda fun in a quirky way.

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  9. I’m starting to be able to focus on reading more the less I look at social media and the news. I’m finally finishing True to You by Becky Wade and have started About Your Father by Peggy Rowe.

    My son started homeschooling lessons again yesterday and my daughter and I will be getting into her lessons again today with the letter p and some math. Hope she’s ready! Ha!


  10. I’ll have to remember the Witches of Palmetto series – looks good 🙂 Glad you’re all hanging in there. I haven’t gotten around to many of the virtual events, but luckily my kids entertain each other. Enjoy your week!


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