A Few Mini Reviews

House of Salt and Sorrows: I loved this moody and atmospheric book! A retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, this was a macabre and maritime version that I really dug. I loved the world that Craig has built here, and it kind of reminded me a little of the Greyjoys from GOT. Lol. It was a great read, although I did figure out the villain pretty easily. I think the characters and the story were really interesting and well done though. A quick read, which might be neat to read near the sea or on a rainy day…

Death of a Ghost: Death of a Ghost is one of the many books in the Hamish Macbeth series. I hadn’t read this one and I love to just pick these cozies up and get to it, especially this time of year. I thought this was a pretty good one, that had poor Hamish running about and being clever all over the place. It was one as well, where you could feel these modern times encroaching on the Highlands – I think some of the other books felt more timeless, but this one is definitely for this era. A good comfort read, and one I needed while I was sick.

The Simple Wild: I adored this read by K.A. Tucker. Calla is a product of her generation, hooked on her selfies, and glued to her phone. She takes great pride in her appearance and style, and loves her fancy coffee. (I do too) Born in Alaska, she left with her mother when she was just a little girl, and doesn’t recall much of her time there. She and her father had a relationship that was strictly through phone calls, until one day she gets a call urging her to visit. Her father is sick and since she is at loose ends anyway, she goes. Little does she realize her whole life is about to change in a big way. I really loved this book and Calla’s eventual transformation. I did wish there were more interactions between her and her father, although the romance was quite nice.

The Dead Girls Club: I was so excited to read this book, and then..it was sort of meh for me. I never could connect to the main character at all- I didn’t find her likable or sympathetic, and in fact I really didn’t like her too much. I felt like the author had some good ideas and good material – I loved the idea of these friends sneaking off to talk about scary things together, the idea of the Red Woman, and the hardships of friendships when we are young. However, for some reason it never came together for me. Overall, good ideas, interesting plot, but the main character never grew on me, and I was never rooting for her.


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