What Wyatt’s Reading – October

We have been doing so much reading together! My little guy loves books, always has. I remember reading to him on day two of his life, through the little porthole in the NICU incubator. I was reading The Poky Little Puppy, which had been one of my favorite books when I was a little girl. So perhaps his early introduction to books has paved the way, or maybe he is just like his mother, a reader and book lover. Whatever the reason, I love our days out at the library picking out books, and then taking our bounty home and reading them. This past month or so we have done a lot of reading about fall and Halloween and mushrooms and different sort of “hunts”. It’s been a good month. Here are some of our favorites!

We read some “hunt” books because we were talking about how this month’s full moon was the Hunter Moon. We don’t hunt animals ourselves, but we talked about animals that hunt, and also about different hunts we could do, like mushroom hunts, or rock hunting. We both loved Twilight Hunt a lot! It is not only about a hunt, but also has some great illustrations that have camouflaged animals. It was fun to try to find them together. We also both loved Minerva Louise – she is such a silly curious chicken. She makes us giggle. Wyatt really loved Peppa Pig and also the Runaway Pumpkin – he has a thing right now for farm animals, especially pigs. I particularly loved Rhoda’s Rock Hunt, which is about a little girl who fills her pockets to bursting with rocks she finds. I am buying this one for our library, I think it will be fun to reread next summer when we can get out and explore for rocks easier. Dark Emperor is a book of nature poems for children. This one we read as a family, one poem a night until we were done. We liked it so much that I think it is something we might continue.


6 thoughts on “What Wyatt’s Reading – October

  1. Adorable picture books! I took a course in Children’s Literature in college, so when I had my kids, I already knew which ones I loved and that they might enjoy.

    The Runaway Pumpkin sounds adorable…and these books are new to me. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. That is awesome!! Before I had Wyatt I worked in a children’s library in an elementary school, so it was a similar thing – I had some favorites before being a mom. 🙂 I quit when I was pregnant with him. I miss that job! I was the library para but we didn’t have a librarian so the library and everything to do with it was all my domain. It was pretty awesome. Lol.

      The Runaway Pumpkin was pretty darn cute!


  2. 15andmeowing

    I think it is great that you started reading to Wyatt hen he was a baby. I need to get that Peppa book for my great- niece. I just got her, The Legend of Spokley the Square Pumpkin.

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  3. I love that he loves books. You starting that early and showing your love for them really has fostered the same love in him. I have heard of many kids who don’t go to the library because their parents don’t have time to take them. Some do have parents that will buy them books online but others, I’m not sure; hopefully the school library helps.


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