Summertime Snippets #2

Summer is starting to wind down into fall, and I see the abundance of the summer all around, from the huge overgrown gardens to the happy, fat animals running around. I also feel like we have had a very full summer too – full of fun and family and good times. Not all of course, but mostly. I am starting to think about school starting in just a few weeks, and our family rhythm changing, and I am looking forward to these new autumn adventures. But, it is still summer right now, and we are going to continue to make the most of it while we can!

We are still loving our breakfasts outside – although I had to start putting my coffee in a tray to stop the katydids from leaping in to their deaths! We have been reading a lot (picture book post coming up next week!), and watching the world go by from our front lawn. We also sit out here in the evening, and wait for Billy to come home. I love that time of day too – our whole neighborhood is out in the front yards, kids playing, parents sitting out, talking to each other. I love a sense of community!

We went to my little niece’s birthday party – a dinosaur rainbow party, which was super fun. The kids had a great time!

In these last few weeks we have picked peaches, made art together, explored and found new cool places..

We had a date night bike ride, and set out little happy boats out for a sail…

Saw some bugs and insects and enjoyed our new favorite snack of Tillamook vanilla and these yummy flavored maple syrups.

Our August has been full of little moments – how has your month been going? I’d love to hear!

And if you saw the post right before this, that is now deleted, I published my rough draft and I hadn’t meant to! Lol.


13 thoughts on “Summertime Snippets #2

  1. OMGosh, you have the best fun. I wish I lived by you so I could hang out with you and Wyatt! LOVE how you rniece had a dinosaur party. My oldest was made fun of in first grade because she liked dinosaurs. I told her teacher who talked to the class.

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    1. That would be awesome! Lol.

      Aw your poor daughter! I am glad her teacher talked to the class – girls can totally like dinosaurs too!! I actually had a hard time getting her a dinosaur birthday card, they all said boy or son or nephew. I finally found one though that was not gender specific. 🙂


  2. That dinosaur party sounds like so much fun! That’s the best thing about being a kid- all the amazing things to discover (like dinosaurs!) and letting imagination run wild. Fun. Sounds like you have an awesome community too! Glad you guys are having a great summer.

    I’m looking forward to fall but at the same time it is nice to still have a little bit of summer left. 🙂

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    1. It was really fun! I love that she combined her love of rainbows and dinosaurs. Wyatt and Billy represented the dinos and I wore a rainbow shirt. Lol. It’s been a great summer so far!

      It really is nice. I am so ready for fall and flannels and bonfires and cider, but it is nice to hang onto this last bit of summer. Then September is kind of like a go between month, then finally, October!


  3. I love this post and all the good things it contains. I especially love that quilt that Wyatt is sitting out on. So interesting reading about the katydids, I didn’t realise they’d do that and the solution so good. Love your all being out in your front yards.

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    1. Aw thanks!! I love that quilt too! And believe it or not, it was bought my mom in the early 90s I think at like a home store type place! I have one though that my best friend’s great grandma made – she didn’t want it and I couldn’t let it be thrown out. I love it but I am afraid to let it leave my bedroom. It’s beautiful!

      Oh my gosh I couldn’t believe they kept doing that! Little kamikaze katydids.

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  4. 15andmeowing

    Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. Your son looks very happy, he is adorable.
    I went with my mom, niece and great-niece shopping for school clothes today- I can’t believe she is going to preschool. I was happy to be a part of the shopping adventure. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 We are having a fun time together – and we are definitely getting our school shopping started. We just got his new shoes, I am so excited – little black converse, just like mine. Lol. How fun that you got to go too – it is so fun to look at and shop for little kid clothes!


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  6. Mmm… flavored maple syrup! It sounds wonderful. 🍧

    Everyone seems to be pushing fall this year, and I’m thinking… people, enjoy the rest of your summer until late September! Ha ha. Late summer should be a season of its own. 🌻m

    I always enjoy your photos. 🌞


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