To Boldly Go..

moon landing (1)

Saturday was the 50th anniversary of when Neil Armstrong took those first fateful steps onto the surface of the moon. And in true me fashion, I wanted to make a little celebration of it.

We didn’t do anything too big, just mostly celebratory food – astronaut ice cream, Oreo Moon cookies, that had little space pictures imprinted on them, and for Billy and I, Blue Moon beer. I also found some free printables from Fiddlesticks Home, and I love the one about footprints on the moon. We had fish sticks and macaroni for dinner, I thought it kind of brought back the era of tv dinners and was kitschy. We ate and watched a replay of the big event on television, and frankly, 50 years later, it still inspires awe, if not even more so. I think watching it now, with the technology that we have at our fingertips everyday, compared to the technology they had back then when they were sending people to the MOON, is crazy. There is more tech in my phone now, I am pretty sure. I can’t even imagine what that felt like, to stand there, and look back on earth. It actually freaks me out a little!!!

Then Sunday, in keeping with the theme of space exploration, we went to the Star Trek Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum. I have been wanting and wanting to go, and it seemed like a great time. It was jam packed but I loved it! I want to go again in the morning some time so I can see more of it, but it was still pretty awesome!!!

It kicked off with a real astronaut spacesuit from one of the earliest missions.

And then costumes from the shows! I took pictures from my fave Star Trek, Next Generation, but they had costumes from all of them, including the original. It was super cool.

My husband and child were turned into borgs! We also saw a Jeffries Tube that Wyatt and his cousin played inside of. And the props were also super cool – they had a “real” original Tribble, an alien parasite from one of the episodes that looked like some plastic thing you’d get as a prize at a carnival, the actual replicas of the ships, and then fan flotsam and jetsam, like a program from a Klingon Hamlet! It was really super cool to see.

2019-07-22 (7) (1)

I of course had to get Wyatt a few souvenirs while I was there…

It was a great weekend, full of space, truth and fiction.

Live long and prosper!


11 thoughts on “To Boldly Go..

  1. How cool! You guys really celebrated! I was reading an article in Smithsonian magazine about how unlikely it was we would make it to the moon in Kennedy’s timeframe, and all the stuff that happened to get us there- it’s amazing.

    And ooh Star Trek! I love tribbles. πŸ™‚

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  3. Stellar celebration! The Star Trek exhibit looks amazing. I’m jealous that you got to see an original tribble. πŸ‘βœ¨

    It IS mind boggling how much technology we have now, I agree. When I got my first Kindle tablet, I was raving about it on Facebook and some of the youngsters were chuckling, but I explained that when I was a teenager I never would have imagined holding and entire library in my hands, or be able to type a question and have a friend in Germany answer back in a split second. Back then this was the stuff of Star Trek. Ha ha. πŸš€


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