Paris in July: The Tour de France


I had intended to post much earlier, but, better late than never!

My husband and I are huge fans of the Tour de France. He started watching much longer ago than I did; I just started watching in 2014 and get excited for July knowing that July means the Tour! I do not have a team allegiance, but generally I am rooting for Astana or Movistar. This year, I am #teammovistar! I had high hopes for Mikel Landa this tour but an unfortunate fall in Stage 10 put him far behind; I am not sure it is in the cards for him this year, and besides, I think his team was pushing Quintana anyway.

I am a person who makes mini-celebrations of many things, and the first day of the Tour is one of them. The morning of Stage 1, we got up early to get breakfast from a new cafe that opened near us, called Provence, which is French inspired. We picked up quite a few delicious bits to enjoy together as we tuned in, and we were not disappointed!

Β Wyatt loved the corn cookie, which seemed like it was a sugar cookie and cornbread combined. It was really good! We also had a raspberry breakfast cake, a scone with lime and spruce tips, and a chive cheescake! It was the proper kick off to the Tour!


It really feels like so far, this race has been wide open, without the presence of Chris Froome looming over the race. He is such a skilled and fantastic rider, and I think every year the riders start out knowing he is the man to beat. This year, though, things are different. There were many different theories on who had the best chance to take the yellow jersey and win it all, with the number one being Geraint Thomas. Like I said though, I’m backing Movistar this year. My husband is a big Froome and Team Ineos (formerly Skye) fan though, and found himself without a dog in the fight. Over the weeks so far, he has begun rooting for Julian Alaphilippe, a French rider for Deceuninck- Quick Step who is the present overall leader for the Yellow Jersey. Billy also is a fan of Peter Sagan’s, a sprinter who knows how to find his way through the group in those mad dashes to the finish line!

So far, this race has been pretty solid, with some amazing breakaways that resulted in stage wins, including the recent stage win by Caleb Ewan, who actually had a crash during the race and still managed with the help of his team to win the stage! The smallest guy in the Peloton kicked it up into high gear, after finally finding a team that believed in him. Stage 10 was a bummer for some big contenders, including Mikel Landa, as it was a tough stage with the crosswinds, and many riders lost precious time. And unfortunately, riders have had to leave the race due to injuries, as some of these crashes are bad news. They travel at such high speeds on their bikes, along narrow, winding roads, filled with people on the sidelines cheering them on, not to mention the sheer number of other riders in the peloton. I tell people all the time that don’t watch that cycling the Tour is a dangerous race, one that is very tough on the riders from the sheer amount of racing they do day in and out, 5-6 hours a day, up mountains, racing racing racing. It is definitely not a race for the weak of heart.

Some quick little facts for you:

The race was started in 1903 by a cyclist and reporter, whose newspaper sponsored the race in order to encourage more readership. The paper, L’Auto, was printed on yellow paper, which is why there is a yellow jersey.

The race is 23 days, 21 Stages, and 2,200 miles long, through all sorts of terrain, including the Alps and the Pyrenees.

The Yellow Jersey, or Maillot Jaune, is worn by the leader of the race, determined by the fastest combined times overall, not by who wins the stage, which confused me at first. Being a stage winner is still a huge honor and accomplishment however! As of now, the Yellow Jersey rider is Alaphilippe.

The Green Jersey is worn by the rider who is the leading sprinter. This year that is Peter Sagan so far.

The White Jersey rider is the best young rider. This year’s best young rider so far is Enrich Mas.

The polka dot jersey is the jersey is the jersey worn by the best climber through those mountains, called the King of the Mountain. The current King is Tim Wellens.

Β  Peloton is the name for the big giant group of riders, the pack. There are usually breakaway groups in front and stragglers, but the peloton is the pack of the majority.

I’ve added a few books to my reading list – there are so many about the Tour!

I really want to read Lanterne Rouge, which is the name given to the last place rider overall. I like that they have their own designation – and it’s a poetic sounding one at that.

For someone who never watches sports on television, ever, I am a huge fan of the Tour! I recommend giving it a try! We have big plans to actually go see a Stage or two of the tour in about five years, when Wyatt is older. I would love to stand along one of those old roads in the French countryside, cheering the riders along.




21 thoughts on “Paris in July: The Tour de France

  1. I did not know most of that stuff about the Tour- how fascinating! I’ll have to make an effort to watch some of the race, it sounds like something I would enjoy. And the athleticism and conditioning they must be in to compete like that must be amazing!

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  2. I watch the Tour….every day! The descents at top speeds are nerve wracking to see!
    The horrific fall of Van Aert is hard to look in slow motion
    … stomach turns just imaging what that poor man went through.
    Favorite for me: S. Kruijswijk…he is sure to be on the podium…but don’t think it will be first place!
    Enjoy the last week of the TOUR!

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    1. These crashes can be so scary and horrible! And Van Aert – it is terrifying. The descents scare me – so fast! I am a nervous bike rider at my slow speeds, I am on the edge of my seat with their riding. Lol. Kruijswijk is amazing in the mountains – the Tourmalet was super exciting.

      We watch every day too! It is pretty much all the tv we watch in July~ lol.


    1. He probably will – it seems that is when traditions become “important” again. I am trying to find a vacation spot that we can go with my extended family every year, that the kids can reminisce over when they get older, and that when we go every year they get excited to see the same places again. πŸ™‚


  3. I too am a MASSIVE fan of the Tour de France. Every night (aussie time) I watch what I can, I head to bed for an hour or two, and hubby wakes me for the end… I watch the re-runs – I have all the apps… Normally A Mitchelton-Scott Fan (the Aussies!), this year I’ve been screaming on Caleb, Ritchie Porte, and Simon and Adam Yates. I love the antics of Sagan and have been amazed by Alaphilippe. But what I loved most so far, was watching the Women’s Tour – La Course!

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    1. We watch every day too! We use the NBC Cycling app on television to watch. Usually my husband and I watch separately during the day (at work and home) up until the last 60 km or so, then we watch that together at night. πŸ™‚ I keep getting articles sent to my news feed though before I want the info! (US here) I was super excited for Caleb Ewan the other night!!! I got a little teary over the sheer utter joy on his face. Some riders win a stage and while they are happy, it doesn’t look the same as that giant smile Caleb had.

      My husband is a huge fan of Sagan too! I really need to start watching the Women’s course. I usually only watch the Tour every year, my husband watches all the cycling races though. But..the women’s course needs to be added to our watching!


  4. Poor Chris F. I felt for him with that crash. I really am rooting for Geraint Thomas but Alaphilippe is sort of tugging at my heartstrings too. I adore the tour — I got hooked into it years ago when I met Rick who used to cycle competitively and now just rides and rides for fun (competing with himself, I think!). This summer I’ve been north with limited internet and no easy telly so I’ve missed most of it but did see yesterday and am headed home today for a few, so at least I’ll get a bit of a fix in. I miss the Schlecks and oh, who was the fellow from Switzerland I liked so much? Are they too old? Who knows. Still good. I love that you do the celebrations.

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments on my black and white photos of Paris, all of which made me smile. I’ve much PIJ catch up to do, given the internet up here, when I get home! Meanwhile I am following your blog for as I glanced down before commenting here, I just LOVED it! Thanks for coming by! ~jeanie

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    1. Hi Jeanie!! Thanks so much for the follow!!! I am glad you enjoy my blog! πŸ™‚ I am also behind on PIJ lol. C’est la vie? πŸ™‚

      I know, poor Froome~ I couldn’t believe it when I read that in the news. I don’t want anyone to crash but on a year when he could have won for the fifth time is a bummer. Hopefully he will be back next year and ready to reclaim his jersey, just so he can have that claim to fame. πŸ™‚ Alaphilippe won me over yesterday – he got that yellow jersey and he really really worked for it! I was so happy too, because I am a big fan of Landa and Pinot, and they finished together!!


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  6. *Flora*

    My Hubby watches The Tour too and I found myself looking up from my Kindle to watch; I was flabbergasted to see how close those exuberant spectators got to the cyclists racing to the top of the mountain the other day! I surprised no-one fell off their bike.

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    1. I know right!!!! I am sure they are so annoyed on some level, if a fan got in the way and they crashed, it could be their entire career gone just like that. I understand being so excited but jeez louise. Lol. On my flight to Texas I played the trivia game and learned that The Tour has the most live spectators of any sporting event – I believe it!

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  7. What an etappe!
    During a very important descent…the race is stopped due to hail/ice at the bottom on the descent is too dangerous! Never seen anything like this!
    Alphilippe loseshis yellow sweater….and not able to get it back.
    Oh boy!

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