Summertime Snippets

Lazy summer days are in effect around here. There’s been lots of ice cream eating, hanging out under the apple tree, family time, trying to eat all the lettuce that we seem to have growing, reading lots of library books, and just in general soaking up summertime. This post is a sort of an eclectic bit of randomness, comprised of summertime goodness!

In the last week we have enjoyed some good food-

enjoyed the outdoors, including blueberries from our garden and nature hikes –

read some books, made a crown, and went to the local art fair.

One thing I love about summer are the fireflies. I get so excited whenever I see a twinkle in the dark, with an answering call. It’s even better when you can stand and just see little lights popping up all over, tiny little beacons of hope, as far as you can see. I was super excited to read last year about a phenomenon of synchronous fireflies! It only happens in certain areas at a certain time, and you have to get tickets in advance and all kinds of things – but I so want to go one day!!!

Sadly I have read that these guys are not as numerous anymore! If you are interested in learning how to help prevent them from disappearing, check out this page here. I love their lights in the dark, and would hate to have them disappear forever. They are just so summer to me. I also learned that they are not everywhere – do you have fireflies where you live? Do you call them fireflies, or lightning bugs?

Strawberry Rhubarb pie is another summer time staple for me – my uncle used to grow rhubarb and make us all sorts of rhubarb treats in the summer. Now I usually pick a pie up at the grocery when I go, but I still love it. I saw this article the other day though and I had to share! If you want to listen to the sick beats of rhubarb growing in the dark, click on the video below! How crazy is that! Lol.

I hope you are enjoying summer so far! Any summer favorites for you?


10 thoughts on “Summertime Snippets

  1. Glad you’re having a great summer! Ours has been pretty low key and relaxing too, with a few trips to the beach thrown in for good measure. And blueberries- yum! One of the few fruits I actually like haha!

    Fireflies are amazing and I love being outside at night when they’re out. They definitely feel like summer to me! That video from smoky Mountains was super interesting, by the way. I had no idea about that!

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    1. I really need to get Wyatt to the beach! Maybe this summer! They are one of the few fruits Wyatt likes too. Lol.

      I know right? And crickets too, but honestly, I haven’t heard any this year. Have you? And that synchronous firefly thing is so cool!


      1. I have heard crickets, but not like in years past, now that I think about it- like when at night it was a constant drone, or just really noticeable. Lately at night we’ve had them but a lot less noticeable. I remember too when I was growing up we’d get these huge June bugs on the screens, I used to hate those things haha, but I haven’t seen one of those in ages.


  2. Ha ha ha, the rhubarb sounds like a really bad beat-boxer. 😂 I love it though, thanks for sharing. 👍✨

    Corn cookies? 😍 I’ve never had corn cookies. 😍

    We call them lightening bugs here, but I like firefly better. We had crowds of them in our backyard when I was a child, and I lived in a city. When my son was a baby were were living in the same city and saw none until we moved out to the countryside when he was three, but there still wasn’t a lot. They seemed to be increasing as the years went on, and I was told it was because the residual effects of DDT were finally wearing off (the same reason bedbugs became more prevalent). When we moved back to the city there some but not as many as when I was young. I was thinking they were continuing to grow in population, it’s sad to know that didn’t happen. I’ll have to read the article. 😞

    I’m happy to hear your summer has been filled with wonderful seasonal treats. 🌞

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    1. Hahaha it kind of does!! It is so weird to me that it makes noise like that as it grows! Lol.

      That cookie was like a sugar cookie cornbread thing combination. We had not had one either! Wyatt loved it.

      I know, I get so bummed out every time I see different species disappearing. 😦 Man is the most destructive animal. Hopefully we can turn things around! I think lightning bug sounds so much more fun to say. LOL. 🙂

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