Hello July!


July, you are not my favorite month. I am not a fan of being hot and sticky and sweaty and Michigan summers are hot and sweaty and humid. Our family tends to shy away from the sunlight like vampires, hiding out in the air conditioning during the day, and then emerging in the evening as it cools off. None of us are summer lovers, in this house. But July, you have your own beauty and charm, and this year, I will embrace you more. You are a month of sunshine, and bright colors and flowers. Insects and birds are cheerily going about their business, flowers riot through gardens. There is a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables at the farm markets, bursting with flavor, and more bright colors. That is probably my favorite thing about you July, your vibrancy.

This month is a busy one too. We have so many fun things planned, in our own ways, of course. The fourth of July and family picnics. The lavender festival, the Detroit Kite Festival on Belle Isle. Bastille Day, watching the Tour de France together. Music concerts at the zoo. And three whole date nights for Billy and I, three weeks in a row! A dinner and tiki bar with new friends, a party with old coworkers, and then finally a date night at the zoo actually. I also see many more family dinners – my brother and I are trying to make them as weekly as possible. Iced tea parties with my boy once a week as well. Fresh salads, fresh fruits, simple easy meals. Trips to the library always feel so summery to me too.

As for me, I am going to a mom’s retreat in Texas at the end of the month, just my stepsister and I. I have to admit, I am super nervous. Beyond nervous and anxious. I have never been away from Wyatt more than 8 hours and now I will be gone for three nights. But I am doing it. I am teaching Wyatt to not let fear rule his life, and that begins with me. I have to do things that maybe I am scared to do, to show him that it is ok. I am also excited to go as well. I have always wanted to go to Texas, my whole life, and now I am. There is a chance to see some of my old college friends who moved to Austin as well, which would be a great big bonus. And this is a retreat for moms of kids with special needs like my kiddo, and the event coordinators have so many activities planned if we want to do them – or we can do whatever we want. Two and half days where I can do whatever I choose. So, this is going to be fun. I will get to hang out with my stepsister too, and really get to know her better, as we met when we were older. I am looking forward to that. It is a chance for me to grow, and it is good to push ourselves to that growth. Or that is what I keep telling myself!

I think this month too, I will revisit old children’s classic books, and just books that I loved as a child. I am also doing the Paris in July challenge, so that is on my mind too, all the fun reads and things I can for that. It has also been one year since I decided to start phasing out plastic, with Plastic Free July, and I signed up for a challenge for that as well, to keep me motivated and give me some new ideas. I need a push to get on that again, and the challenge will do well for that!

How about you all? Any big plans for July?


8 thoughts on “Hello July!

  1. This is such a wonderful post! You say you dislike July…. yet you have so many good outings to go to, and do. I think you might have a love/hate relationship, lol. Lucky you, going to Austin. I’ve wanted to go to Austin and Waco (Magnolia Silos) for a long time. We drove through Texas but only stayed long enough to sleep in motels across it.
    I applaud your baby steps to leave a small carbon footprint too. I wish I was more conscientious like that. Enjoy all your great ideas this month, and happy reading to you!

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    1. Thanks Rita!! I am trying to enjoy summer more lol. We are definitely fall/winter people, but I am trying to embrace all seasons of our lives. Even if summer is spent inside during the hottest hours! Lol. I am not going to Austin, although I would love that!! I can see how it looks like I said that though. I am going to the Dallas area, and by chance some of my friends who live in Austin will be in the Dallas area at that time too, which is awesome. The Magnolia Silos would be really cool to visit!! I wonder where Waco is in that great big state? I did rent a car in case I wanted to explore. Lol.

      They are baby steps, but I feel like it is something! Thanks again Rita!


  2. Ooh have a great trip! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. And it is hard to leave the little ones but it’s also good to push ourselves out of our comfort zones sometimes, I agree.

    Great points about July too! It’s sometimes hard to enjoy July in Michigan because of the humidity, but it sounds like you guys have the right idea. Farmers markets and fresh food- one of the best things about summer. 🙂

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    1. It really is a great opportunity, so I am doing it even though I am super anxious about it. It will be good for all of us.

      July and August in Michigan – sometimes its just so darn swampy out. Lol. I am going to try harder though this year to see its good points though.


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