What Wyatt’s Reading- February


I may not be reading too much right now, but my little book loving mini me is. We had a themed focus this month – I bet you can guess what it is.

February is the month of the Snow Moon, so we focused a lot on snow. (esp. since we are in that kids moon club!) It is called the snow moon because historically, February gets the most snow, which has proven true for our region at least! My little guy who struggles in speech can now say “snow” and can also now read the letters S and W! So very exciting for us.

We enjoyed all of these books, but Wyatt’s standout favorites were Snow by Manya Stojic, and Flannel Kisses. I am going to have to buy those for his library for him, as we had to read them over and over and over. As for me, the two I enjoyed reading to him the most were the Gwen Frostic book, and Snow by Cynthia Rylant. Gwen Frostic graduated from the same high school that I did. She also moved up north when she was older to start her art business, and strangely, that is the area we also vacation in every year. I knew those things before reading the book, but I was shocked to learn that she also had a disability that was similar to or was cerebral palsy. They thought she would never write, and one day she became an artist! So inspiring.  And I just found Rylant’s picture book Snow beautiful in word and illustration. One page in particular grabbed me – Rylant says snow serves to remind us that nothing is forever, except in memories. A very timely message for me right now, and a very beautiful image. It was a pretty good reading month here! I didn’t share all of the books we read together, just the highlights.



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