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We had an eventful week last week! This week should hopefully be less so, although it was all good things at least. I declared Spring break for us for this week, until the Tuesday after Easter Sunday. I think we all need it! I am definitely planning on reading more this week – we will see if it happens. I also hope to get some fun creative time in for Wyatt and I, and maybe Billy too, depending on his work schedule. I feel sort of like I have been in a rut of homeschooling and cleaning and hoemeschooling and cleaning and taking care of all the life in this house – which I love but I need a bit of a mix up. I did start back to work for my cousin a few hours a week, from home. That is a nice change honestly, something new to think about. And I have been continuing work on my ancestry. It’s been a fun mystery to unravel.

Read This Week:

I finished The Farmer’s Daughter and posted my review as well. I really enjoyed this book! I am so so close to being finished with Sheepish. I love it but I am just slow boating my way through it I guess. I have learned so much from it honestly, and I am finding it sort of fascinating. I will finish it hopefully in the next two days and post my review later this week.

Reading This Week:

I am so excited to start Skymeadow! I have been planting seeds and tending my little sproutlings this week – some have gotten so big already! It’s also time for my yearly re-read of my favorite book ever, Watership Down. I have read this book more times than I tell you, and have gone through four copies. It never gets old to me, this tale of brave rabbits forging their way into a new life.

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Spring Bucket List


Not too much really, honestly. We watched some of Monty Don’s Gardener’s World, we watched an episode of The Blake Mysteries Ghost Investigations. We were so confused and didn’t know we had wandered into the spin off of a popular series that had a different main character. After some googling we learned there was a lot of dramatic back story! So we might start at the actual beginning. For our Saturday night movie night we watched Get Duked. This move was insanely bizarre but I have to be honest, I loved it. It was bonkers but we both enjoyed it. It was the crazy we needed I guess.