My Favorite Reads of 2020

It was the year of nonfiction for me this year! For the first time ever, my list has more nonfiction than fiction. I did read some great fiction books though as well! I narrowed my list to my top seven. Let me know if you have read any and what you thought!

Let’s begin, shall we?

These were the three standout fiction books that I read this year, and my most recommended to people throughout the year.

Mexican Gothic is hands down my favorite book of the year – it was just so much everything. Plot, characters, quirk, atmosphere, twisty and scary and horrifying. And this cover is amazingly beautiful. Have any of you seen the Instagram posts where people are recreating this cover? I can understand why, it is so rich and warm and lovely.

My Sister the Serial Killer was a surprisingly amazing read for me. I thought I would enjoy it, but not necessarily love it as much as I did. I think it is such a unique take on family relationships and love, and of course, a bit of creep factor as well.

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts was such a fun fantastic read! I loved it so much. It reminded me of a Westing Game for adults.

The Call of the Wild and Free was a book that really changed our lives! If you are a regular reader here, you may have seen my posts where I talk about how it really spoke to me and about how to frame our homeschooling experience. It is not the right experience for everyone, but it is perfect for us right now.

The Creative Family Manifesto is another book that heavily influenced our lives this year. Because of this book, we were inspired to take drawing books with us on picnics and have lazy days drawing away. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but I am enjoying what I am creating and that is the most important thing…right? Wyatt loves drawing and painting and that is something I want to encourage, and we have art supplies always available to him for when he feels like making or creating. Most nights now he will sit quietly happily drawing away.

The Cider Revival. I just really enjoyed this book! It was a fascinating look at apple orchards and the cider industry, especially all those small cideries out there. Plus, we had a fantastic night of cider tasting after I read this book.

The Salt Path was amazing. I have never read a book like this before. I have read many memoirs of people hiking and walking long distances, but never for these reasons. I loved the journey start to finish, and I am looking forward to reading Winn’s follow up. I am a person who underlines and makes notes in their books and this passage from The Salt Path was just so powerful.

I was a part of the whole. I didn’t need to own a patch of land to make that so. I could stand in the wind and I was the wind, the rain, the sea; it was all me, and I was nothing within it.

What did you read that you loved this year?

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It’s a rainy weekend this weekend, and I have to say I sort of welcome it. It means no picnics this weekend, but I am enjoying the change. The other evening I was walking across my yard and I felt the weirdest feeling, the hint of fall in the air, nudging me, letting me know that summer’s end is right around the corner – already. Everything has felt so off this year, the seasons all out of tune with our family’s normal rhythms – no festivals or art fairs, no summer vacation up north, no summer nights spent with friends and family while the kids play in the yard and we jabber on. Now when we get together it is distanced, and we try so hard to steer the conversation from current events. And I went off on a tangent here, sorry! I blame the rain.

Read Last Week:

I am still working on The Masterpiece, but I am irritated with Claude right now, and I need to take a break from him. I did download Mexican Gothic, and holy moly was it awesome! I completely devoured it, which I haven’t done with a fiction book in ages. I think you would have to enjoy magical realism to really like it, but it was amazing. I loved everything about it, but then magical realism is a favorite genre of mine. It reminded me of my beloved Mary Stewart gothics but with lots of extras. It was excellent! I also started reading 100 Things to do in a Forest, but for some reason I can only read it on my phone which I hate! I read enough of it however to know that I want to add it to our family library so I am ordering a physical copy and will finish it when it arrives.

Reading This Week:

It is definitely cherry season here in Michigan! I think today I might make a cherry clafloutis, or maybe tomorrow.. anyway, I am also starting this book. I love this cover! And it is set in Michigan, so bonus!

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We are on the final episode of Picard, which I think we will finish up tonight. I liked it but not as much as Billy did, but then I don’t have decades of watching Star Trek behind me either. Lol. We are also watching Father Brown, Cursed, and Season 2 of the Umbrella Academy! I missed crazy Klaus.

And that is it from our little burrow this week! Stay safe everyone.