Our 2022 TV Night Favorites

I hope you are all ready for a steady week of favorites lists from me! Or a few days, rather. I actually had a lot of fun revisiting what we have watched and read; we apparently also watch more tv series than movies, which I guess makes sense? This list is a combination of new and old shows, some series where we watched multiple seasons in a binge, some where we were just keeping up with a show we have been watching for years. It also includes special little limited series and mini series as well. I also had to laugh – there are two shows on here that I actually didn’t really like at first but then ended up loving.

So, let’s begin, and in no particular order today.

Around the World in 80 Days. I actually was not sure if I liked this at all when we first started watching it – then I fell in love with it. Billy read there are going to be more episodes and I am looking forward to them.

This newest season of Stranger Things was by far the very best. I laughed, I sobbed. I sang along with Kate Bush who was running up that hill. It was awesome!

I’ve said it once and I will say it again – if Bill Nighy is in it, I am watching it. Billy and I loved this series. It kept us guessing and had so many twists and secrets!

I wait very impatiently for new seasons of this show. They just don’t make them fast enough for me I guess! I love the music, the mysteries are always well thought out, the detectives are quirky but just enough quirk without being kooky. It all takes place in the town of Brokenwood, and it is one of those shows where the villagers are recurring characters that pop up in other episodes, which I love. By far one of my very “favoritest” shows we watch!

Henry Cavill. That is all. Well, not really all. There is a lot of kerfuffle about The Witcher right now actually, with Cavill stating that he is not returning to the series for a fourth season. Nooooooooo!!! He 100% makes this show for me. I also want to add that Season 2 Episode 1 was the best episode ever of it and they need more like that one.

This series is one of the best on television, hands down. I loved the books growing up, I watched the old show in syndication as an adult, and now, this new version of the show embodies everything there is to love about James Herriot and the Yorkshire Dales.

This show. I couldn’t stand it at first. Then it grew on me, and I ended up loving it. We watched all million seasons and now we are all caught up and waiting. It is campy, cheesy at times, but as the seasons go on, it gets a little better, and I honestly love all of the characters. This show is a little more lighthearted, and Billy and I also feel we have learned a lot about Canadian history. This show loves to have famous characters from history show up, and we love it. (The HP Lovecraft episode is perfection) Now, if only I could get to Canada before February, so I can see the Murdoch Mysteries exhibition at The Museum.

I can’t think of one thing that I don’t like about this series, except that there are not enough episodes! I could watch this every night. It’s tops of my list to read the Louise Penny books this year.

Unpopular opinion: I love American Ghosts more than the British original. Weird for me, but it is the truth. Partially because Thor and Flower are my favorite characters, and partly because I love Rose McIver. She is so funny, and does some near perfect impressions of people. I mean, half the time her role in iZombie was acting like a different person and she was spot on.

Hello, Grantchester! And Sidney Chambers.. you beautiful angsty broody vicar. This has been our go-to show for the past few weeks and I am going to be super bummed when I run out of these episodes!

What about you all?


A Cute Little Cottagecore Autumn Halloween

I love all of these new aesthetics -cottagecore, dark academia, green academia – to name a few of my favorites. I have to admit I feel like I was into the dark academia vibe before it was a thing, all the way back in the early 90s. All those books that fit that genre are books I loved as a youth. But, this is a cottagecore post – an aesthetic I really associate more with spring and summer – its all rural and pastoral and quaint and cute. However, it lends itself to Halloween and fall better than you might expect! I was browsing Etsy, as I am known to do, especially while Wyatt is in therapy and I am just sitting in the waiting room, well, waiting for him, and I found the cutest things! It is just so fun and happy to look at!

(links do contain Etsy affiliate links)

L-R: Orange Ghost and Flowers || Ghost and Roses || Collage of Cute Halloween Things That Make me Think of Doodling in my Notebooks

These mugs are so adorable! Those sweet little ghosts! I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Well, ok maybe. That middle one is calling my name. And we all know a good mug is absolutely essential to a proper fall for drinking all the tea and cocoa.

L-R : Fox Beret || Ghost sweatshirt || Black Cat Knitted Tea Cozy

I mentioned the other day I was considering a beret. I don’t think I could wear this everyday but maybe on Halloween, taking Wyatt trick or treating I could! Or if I chicken out, that sweatshirt is cute and appropriate for the season – and me! And that tea cozy is perfect for a Halloween poetry tea time, which I do with Wyatt every year.

L-R: Pumpkin Stickers || Glow in the Dark Mushrooms || Gloomy Bookshop Print

I think these pumpkin stickers are practically perfect in every way. We always get more pumpkins then we want to actually carve and these would be great to use instead of carving but still making them festive. And these glow in the dark ghost mushrooms!! Why oh why must they be so cute? I am also in love with the gloomy bookshop print – it would be so cute in an office or library or really anywhere.

But this – this is the big daddy of cute.

It is seriously the sweetest, most joyful ghost I have ever seen. I think Wyatt needs it. Or I do. One of us does.