What Wyatt Read – April

We read a lot in April! We read some books specifically for Earth Day, and we also read a lot of spring and pink themed books as well. Pink for the Pink Moon last month, of course. Lol.

There were so many great books in this bunch!! Wyatt’s favorites by far were A Big Mooncake for Little Star, which he looked at and we read a million times, Plant the Tiny Seed, which is interactive with instructions in the book for kids to tap, and wiggle their fingers and all sorts of things, to help plant the seed and make it grow. He also really loved Todd Parr’s The Earth Book. I of course had my own favorites. I loved loved loved The Pink Umbrella, and read it out loud to Billy and Wyatt one rainy night after dinner. I loved the art and everything about it. I also loved Blackout, Pink is for Boys, which was about how all colors are for everyone, and A Boy and a Jaguar, which was an amazing true story of a boy who stuttered and ended up establishing a protected sanctuary in Belize for jaguars. He fell in love with them at the zoo, and talking to them was the only time he didn’t stutter. He promised the jaguars that if he could beat his stutter, he would fight for them and be there voice. Such a powerful picture book. I loved it.

All of our combined favorites will eventually be bought and added to our home library, since these were all checked out from our local library.

Flora and the Flamingo was fabulous to look at – the artwork is so pretty and retro. The books itself is wordless, with interactive flaps. And the book inspired Wyatt and I to try dancing like flamingos around the house! All of these books really were great in their own ways, the Jane Goodall book, Planting the Wild Garden, all of them, honestly. Not a bad one in the bunch!