Earth Day Reads

We are all about nature at our house. We love to be in it, we love to celebrate it, we love to read about it. It is very important to me that Wyatt loves the earth and the outdoors as much as we do, and by exposing him to it through being outside, cherishing all our creatures great and small, and learning by reading as well, we can nourish that ingrained sense of love toward our world and all of its inhabitants. I have a few books that I have put aside just for Earth Day next week – some are old favorites, some are new to us. And here they are, one for each day next week and then a bonus one for fun!

The Earth Book – This one has been in rotation here for a while! Wyatt loves it, so do I. It’s a quick easy read, and has great colorful illustrations.

Me… Jane– This is a great read for kids, to introduce them to Jane Goodall- and to show them that a dream you have as a kid can become reality! We read this one together surrounded by every monkey toy that Wyatt has.

Blackout – This one is a favorite of mine. It is about a citywide blackout that causes families to leave their technology behind and venture out into the community. I love it to pieces and is a good book to use to talk about energy conservation and time without tech.

Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day – It is important to me to make Wyatt aware that our choices for a better planet are an every day thing, not just on earth day!

Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration – I thought this was a cute look at a few things kids can do to participate in keeping our planet alive and healthy.

It’s Earth Day! – I love Mercer Mayer! Little Critter was a favorite of mine as a kid and I can’t wait to read this one with Wyatt. This is a new one to both of us!

The Lorax – No list about Earth Day books would be complete without the Lorax…I think we might make some truffula trees even!

Bug Hotel – My son loves bugs. We bought a bug house last year but this year I want to really expand on it and do a few other things as well.

And a few books for you!

Two books that I love, and one that is on my list! Meadowland and John Lewis Stempel started a whole new way of how I look at the world around me. The Nature Fix took that a few more steps. I highly recommend them both. And Common Ground just intrigues me! I have it on hold at the library and it’s a waiting game.. (If you like nature narratives I read about one a month, check back for more!)

What about you? Do you have any good earth day/environmental reading suggestions? I would love to hear them!


9 thoughts on “Earth Day Reads

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  2. It was all about bugs for my son, too, when he was a child; and still is, actually, ha ha. He has taken a couple of Entomology classes at university. I have always been thankful we were able to live in the country when he was 3-9 years old. He started out in college with a genetics emphasis for his Cellular Molecular Biology degree, but slowly drifted more and more towards Environmental studies. His plans are now to do his postgraduate studies in wetlands management. He said he realized how much he missed being out in nature during a couple of his ecology classes. I am glad things came full circle for him. 🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞

    I think I have The Nature Fix on my Kindle. I’ll have to check. I need to read some John Lewis-Stempel. I want to start buying his books for my son, but he reads mostly Fantasy, so I don’t know if he’ll like the writing style. I can always keep the book for myself if he doesn’t like it. Ha ha. 📚

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    1. Wow that sounds like some awesome stuff your son is learning! Very cool, very impressive! 🙂 Wetlands management is huge around here in our area – maybe he will end up in Michigan one day helping out our wetlands!

      John Lewis-stempel is a favorite of mine! He writes so beautifully of nature that he might interest your son for that alone. My husband reads a lot of fantasy too and I’m reading him one of Lewis-stempel’s books and he is loving it too. It could be a gateway read to a new genre! Lol. And the nature fix was life changing!


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