Wonderful Watership Down Book Covers

Last Friday, I mentioned I want to start collecting different copies of Watership Down. There are just so many out there! Billy got me a really cool one last year for Mother’s Day, and I asked him that if he was going to get me something this year, to maybe make it another version, to add to my collection. There are just so many to choose from! They also range in price, greatly in some cases! I found most of these on used book sites so you know I sent a few to Billy to peruse, you know, just in cases.

This 40th Anniversary Edition from Thrift Books ($7.00)

This Puffin Edition on Amazon ($24.19)

This edition found on AbeBooks ($13.55)

Another copy found on AbeBooks ($3.55)

This next one I am totally in love with but it is spendy!! This is the lowest price I found..

Ebay ($57.46)

This beautiful graphic novel on Amazon ($31.50)

Then this bad boy…. the creme de la creme…

A SIGNED FIRST ILLUSTRATED EDITION! Abe Books, only…. $1,249.35.

And there you have it! Obviously since most of these are available on thrift/used sites, the availability and prices may change.

Which is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Wonderful Watership Down Book Covers

  1. I have a beer budget and champagne taste so, obviously, it’s the last one! You will have to let us know if Billy gets you at least one of these. I think this is such a beautiful idea and will always be so meaningful for you. Hmmm…maybe I should put a bug in someone’s ear about Wuthering Heights! To be fair, he did have my favorite quote made into a humongous poster (and he even got the right quote)!


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