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I had a very rough week last week y’all, on a very personal level. I blogged about it yesterday in a very vulnerable coffee catch up post. I didn’t read too much anything last week, but, I did listen to an audiobook. And uh, it was quite the audiobook!

Read Last Week:

If you are a regular here, you know the types of books I read. I read a lot of cozy type books, cozy fantasy, middle grade, nature books. Easy reads. Light reads. I don’t usually delve into the world of romance too often but I have been known to on occasion. And I was having a rough week last week and thought, this looks absolutely adorable and I loved Alexis from Schitt’s Creek and I love seaside tales, so I was like, I’m going to do it! And 90% of this book was cute and sweet and I absolutely adored it. But I am not used to spiciness in my books, and I am not a prude, but..


I totally laugh at myself. I was just not prepared you guys! If you are a person who doesn’t mind a spice level of 5/5 and some salty language, then I recommend this one. The story was adorable, the character growth and arc was a fun read and the reader of the audiobook did a fantastic job. However, if you are not into the spice, skip this one.

Reading This Week:

I have a few books that I am going to start and see which one lands. These are the main contenders though.

Posted Last Week:

The only post I wrote last week is my coffee chat.


Again, we are boring here. When I am stressed I have comfort fall backs and my husband has been kind enough to watch When Calls the Heart with me every single night. We started all over again at the beginning. I forgot what a jerk Henry was in the beginning. Dang! I love him in the newer seasons. He has a bit of mischief about him that I like.

And that is it from around here! I wish you all a happy and safe week!


23 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I’m pretty much a prude, and I know it, so I’m often taken aback by the…uh, the spiciness of contemporary fiction. My mom used to say that she had a good imagination so would you please just wink at us as you close the door?

    Nature reads are comfort reads for me. Nature stories always remind me that I’m just an itsy part of this big world, and sometimes I need to remember that. I also like kids books, especially silly ones. I hope you find some good book comfort reads this week.

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  2. I have really been loving RomCom’s right now, but I am not into language or spice. I have found some great authors and I love listening to their books on audiobook 🙂 Have a great week, I hope and pray this is a good week for you and your family.

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    1. Thank you Anne. Things are feeling a bit better over here. 🙂 And science is changing so much, I bet that before we know it there are much better ways to control things.

      My bestie is a high spice girl too. She totally had a giggle over my Richard Simmons reaction. I actually don’t think she even cares if there is a plot. Lol. Anyway, this one was a very fun story which I did enjoy!


  3. Thanks for sharing your coffee post. It can be hard to do that but sometimes sharing like that helps others know they’re not alone. I can relate a bit to the blood pressure thing, mine is high and it runs in the family too, and I even had atrial fibrillation develop in my twenties which is pretty young (family history again). Anyway… hang in and be well!

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  4. I just had to chuckle because I read this book a couple months ago. In fact, I think you commented on it! I was so not prepared for all of the “spiciness” in it! But, by that time, I was totally wrapped up in the story and the characters, so I just skimmed over those sections and got to the good stuff (which is probably the opposite of what most people would do)!

    Have a fabulous week, Erin!

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  5. I hope you have a better week.

    I’ve been liking romcom’s lately, but I think I prefer “moderate” spice. Something in the middle. Not too sweet, but not too spicy either. LOL

    Hope you have a great week!


  6. I’m the same way with spice! I read a decent amount of romance or books with a romantic subplot but I’m WAY more comfortable with a closed door policy. I just listened to The Love Hypothesis and there were a few scenes where I wanted to yell “fade to black! face to black!”. Glad I’m not the only one! I’m so glad that you took this week for comfort and that I could provide some help. I hope this week has been a wonderful one!

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