Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hello everyone! It’s a chilly, sunny morning and I am so grateful for the return of the sun to these parts. I feel like it has just been gray and gloomy for months. I have a very happy cactus too – it is either a Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus but it is pretty confused because it is all bloomy and pretty.

This weekend I finally got to meet my new niece! It was a bit of a wild ride for little girl – she had jaundice and ended up having to go back to the hospital for an overnight. She is doing great now though, and we got to meet her. It’s been so long since I have held a wee bebe and I very reluctantly handed her off to Billy for his turn holding her. We didn’t stay long, but long enough to chat and squeal over the baby and play a little with Mermaid Girl. I also made lemon tortellini soup for them so we took that with us as well.

Before seeing the baby though, we had another stop. We drove about half an hour to get something to eat that kept being targeted to me on Instagram. Lol. It looked so good and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and it was in a gas station. Ok, I am not a food snob or anything but I do get a little weird about eating from a gas station restaurant. However, Billy went in and ordered it and brought it out to us, and it was delicious. There was a never ending line at their drive through, and it was quite busy! Definitely a hidden gem.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful, in the mid 50s and sunshiney. We opted to work outside in the yard for a bit, clearing some of the front beds and laying cardboard down over some areas in the back that have been taken over by decades old ivy. Anyone know how to get rid of ivy without chemicals? I am hoping that this plan of suffocating it works, other wise we will have to try something different. It grows over our neighbor’s garage, and destroys it, and they are not happy about it either. I think our previous neighbors there planted it, and now it has moved from that spot in their yard into our yard and just keeps spreading. Wyatt played in the yard while we worked then afterwards we all went to our favorite ice cream place! It opened for the season last week so we were waiting for a perfect time to go – and Sunday was it. We all got our favorites- Black Cherry for Billy, Mint Chocolate Chip for Wyatt, and Scooby Doo for me, which is peanut buttery. So good!

I uncovered these babies who were buried in leaves – I can’t wait for them to bloom!

So spring is springing around here! What is going with you all today?


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

  1. Mmm, that chicken mac bowl looks DELICIOUS! I would definitely make a gas station food exception for that. I’m currently enjoying my second cup of coffee for the day because my son had to come home early from daycare and now I have to try to entertain him while also working, haha!


  2. I remember when I had ivy — pulled it out by the roots (more or less). So pretty and a pain! Your day sounds like a good one. How fun to finally meet the niece! Isn’t the weather nice?It’s supposed to snow here Friday but we’ll cope! It won’t last.

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  3. Oh, yeah, ivy is a pain! We planted some at our old, old house, thought it looked really nice as it covered some icky places. Then, it started growing up the fireplace and under the siding! We were pulling it out forever, it seemed! When I was teaching, there was a gas/convenience store down the hill from the school. They had the best salads and sandwiches. My husband couldn’t believe we’d eat at a gas station! Your chicken mac looks yummy!


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  4. I was just asking my husband last night when we last had ice cream and neither of us can remember! We are definitely hot-weather-cold-ice-cream people, none of this cold weather ice cream nonsense 🙂

    That chicken mac think looks delicious! My husband is half Cuban and it can be hard to find Cuban food. We found a place once, drove over, and like you, were dismayed to find that it was in a gas station. It was pretty good though! For some reason I think gas station restaurant food consists of a hot dog that has been rolling for decades ! 🙂

    Your nieces are beautiful. Look at those tiny little fingers!

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    1. It has been a while since we had ice cream – the last time was when Wyatt was learning about Vermont and I had a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream taste test. Lol. But that isn’t the same as getting ice cream at your favorite place.

      Oh my gosh it was! And I was really creeped out but I am glad I tried it. I am the same way, I have reservations about gas station food! I think of old food sitting around, or unwashed hands. Lol. I am glad your gas station food experience turned out pretty good too!!

      And thank you. 🙂


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  6. I am still catching up on blog posts. That food looks so good.

    I also don’t know how you imbedded that Instagram post. I can never figure that out.

    I love your outings and that you were able to see the new baby. Eee! So exciting!

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