10 on the 10th – Valentine’s Edition

It’s time again for another fun filled 10 on the 10th! 10 on the 10th is hosted by Marsha over at Marsha in the Middle.

1. A color I like to wear…black. Does this count? If not, then green is my next favorite. As for a color I would never wear, I will say white or anything metallic colored. White I just feel so washed out or something. I am fair with dark hair and eyes and I just feel like I look weird.

2. A food I loved as a kid but wouldn’t eat now would have to be apples and cinnamon oatmeal. So gross to me now, even the smell. It is too sweet for me in the mornings now too.

3. A bucket hat. I used to never ever take them off and wore them everywhere. Now though, never again. Maybe.

4. Oo good one. Hmm. I would love it if Billy bought me white roses. I don’t know why, but I love white roses so much more than red ones. Although, he could totally buy me a David Austin rose bush in any color. That would be great too. As for a flower I am not a fan of, I will say orchids.

The Emily Bronte Rose from David Autin. Take note husband.

5. There were a ton of foods I didn’t like as a kid. Lol. I was a pretty picky eater. I now love Brussels sprouts where I once thought I would die if ate them, but now we eat them at least once a week. I won’t say exactly that I can’t get enough of them but I do really like them now.

6. This one is easy. My very favorite book of all time, Watership Down. I reread it every spring and have since like junior high. I have owned so many copies, as they get so well read and fall apart. I love how they are underdogs, yet have so much camaraderie, loyalty, bravery, and grit. Also, who doesn’t love a clever rabbit or two? As for a book I wish had never been written, Stone Fox. I actually think I talked about this with Marsha before! That book is so sad, and I hate it so much for making me sob.

Some Watership Down inspired art I have hanging in my office. The triple pic is by Alex Boone Art, the second by Rivulet Paper Co.

7. I am a person whose love language is gifts of time. I absolutely love when my husband surprises me with taking a day off mid-week and we have a family day instead. That always makes me so happy! As for what he does that drives me crazy – he has ten million pairs of shoes, far more than I have, and he will leave them to accumulate at the front door in our small home. We do not have available space for him to build a shoe mountain.

8. I absolutely love my linen overalls. I have them in black and khaki but I could use another color. The other day my stepmom told me I was the cutest hippie mom when I had them on, and had my hair in braids. I just adore them. I also LOVE the boots my husband gave me for Christmas. They are so comfortable, the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, and they look like little elf boots!

9. We are big Halloween fans over here. It is just such a fun holiday, without much prep or work involved on my end, unlike the Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are fun but always give me a lot of work as well. Halloween, we can get a costume, get together with family, order a pizza, and just have fun. It’s so laid back, and Wyatt absolutely loves it. Me too. We don’t even eat a majority of the candy he gets. Billy will take it to work and let his coworkers eat it. For us, it is just about the good time. The holiday I could do without celebrating is New Year’s. I’ve just ever been a fan. It’s always so cold here, and now with Wyatt I think about all the drunk drivers on the road and would rather stay home. Plus, it has always made me melancholy. So I can skip it.

10. I guess my phone? It does so much, including take photos, connect me to information, to people. As for which I would ditch, my Kindle. I can read physical books forever.

And that is it from me today!


16 thoughts on “10 on the 10th – Valentine’s Edition

  1. Gail Is This Mutton

    Brussels sprouts once a week? That is impressive!
    I forgot about New Year’s Eve but that’s a holiday that can be binned along with Christmas:-)


  2. My husband has a huge shoe collection that gather on his side of the bed! So when I go over there to make the bed (because he never pulls up his side of the blanket) I trip on them!


  3. I really enjoyed Watership Down and gave a copy to my middle son to read when he was in junior high; he really loved other stories the the Warrior series that reminded me a bit of it and I thought he’d like it.


  4. I love your answers, Erin! Black (and grey…one of my favorites) is definitely a color! And, I’d love to see Billy’s mountain of shoes! My husband used to have three pairs of shoes…one black, one brown, and a pair of sneakers! Now, he’s got a huge collection of sneakers here, there, and everywhere! That Emily Bronte rose is beautiful. We are going to have two rose bushes planted this spring, and I can’t wait. Even though my maiden name was Rose, I’ve never had a rose bush! Brussels sprouts seem to be a winner with most people. I need to try to roast some because I can’t stand to eat any more of the soggy steamed ones! Thanks so much for linking!


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  6. I really enjoyed reading your answers! Brussels sprouts have been a popular answer (I also answered the same for that question). And I cracked up laughing at your husband’s shoe mountain! I have wayyyyy more shoes than my husband which I keep all contained in my closet except for my house shoes and outside boots. He has maybe 8 pairs of shoes total yet he leaves shoe piles all over the place! Haha. Fun post!


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  7. Haha..I said Black too. Yes, it counts, but then I’m not a fashionista either. I have never cared for fruit in my oatmeal. I had to look up to see what a bucket hat was. I’ve seen those linen overalls and have thought of trying them, but not sure how they’d fit or look on me. I suppose I should just do it. My goal in life is to be comfy and if I can be cute at the same time, then awesome.

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    1. Yay!! I am so not a fashionista. I absolutely love my overalls. They are super comfy and while I am not certain they are the most flattering on me other people have told me that I look cute so? Lol. I am short and a bit pear shaped. Well, not a bit. I am pear shaped. Lol. But I love them and need to get a few more pairs.


  8. Weirdly black is the color I never wear. It just doesn’t look right on me but it looks so good on everyone else! I’m a gifts of time person too. I think that’s why I like planning vacations so much because it’s about spending time together.

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