Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up and Holiday Nights

There is a snowstorm on the way! It looks like we will have a very snowy Christmas – and also a very very cold one.

Today the coffee is a special brew! My brother gifted us this bag of beans from Leelanau Coffee, in Home for the Holidays blend, and I have been holding onto it since Thanksgiving for us to drink this week. And…I am enjoying a Christmas sugar cookie with it. My bestie’s husband spent the weekend baking 200 cookies with his daughters for the holidays and we were lucky enough to get a drop off. They are delicious, and so is the coffee!

Where to start today!

Let’s start with what we did Saturday – Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village, one of my very favorite events of the season. The village is decorated for the holidays, there are caroling groups, sleigh rides, roasted chestnuts and toasted almonds and hot cocoa, ice skating, Santa, and so much more!

It was a cold one, bitter cold, Saturday night, in the low 20s with a bitterly cold wind. We were all bundled up as well as we could get, and felt cheery despite the chill. We joined the mass of people funneling through the gates into the bustle of the yuletide wonder that is Holiday Nights. And it was a beautiful night. Lightly snowing, glowing lights, it was simply magical.

We wandered around drinking hot chocolate, munching on snacks, taking in the sights, warming ourselves by the fires as needed. We were having a blast. Until..we weren’t. Or rather, Wyatt wasn’t. My normally cheerful child had a major meltdown. At first, I couldn’t decide if something was actually wrong, like pain of some sort. After a few minutes though, I made the decision that he and I were going back to the car to wait for the rest of the night while my mom, Billy, my brother’s family and my SIL’s mom continued with their evening. Billy wound up taking him but I of course couldn’t stop wondering if he was ok. So after 20 minutes I headed out as well, taking my mom, who was freezing and a little tired, with me. Later that night we decided it was just a combo of things that caused his meltdown. The bitter cold, the fact that he wanted to be on the move and we were instead eating doughnuts by the fire, he was getting tired.. all contributed. The wheelchair has been a huge blessing and given Wyatt a sense of freedom and independence in mobility he hasn’t previously really had at something like that. In previous years he would have been either carried or trapped in a wagon. Now he can go where he wants (or at least he thinks) and he can move a lot faster than with his walker. So this will be an adjustment for us all as we learn how to navigate this new way of life.

Today Wyatt and I are going for a ride, to my favorite boutique plant shop about an hour away. My mom is coming with us as well, so it will be a nice family road trip. My goal is to pick out two plants, one for my mother in law, one for my stepmom. for Christmas.

Tomorrow we will have a special meal for Winter Solstice, which makes me sound very pagan, but in acutality we started doing something on solstice when Wyatt was born, as a response to the chaos of the holiday season. I love all the craziness of getting together with our families and running this way and that, but I wanted to find a quiet space for just Billy, Wyatt, and I as well. A special night for the three of us as a respite from the madness, and the longest night of the year seemed like the perfect fit. We usually have a simple but good meal – this year we are having a hearty beef stew followed by a minty chocolate cake roll for Wyatt. We will also probably enjoy the gingerbread cookies that I am planning to make tomorrow morning. We will play music, turn the lights down, maybe put some extra nuts and fruit out for the neighborhood squirrels and our backyard possum. If it’s not too cold then we will take a little walk around the neighborhood, this time with blankets for Wyatt. I am looking forward to it.

And that is all the time I have this morning! I hope you are all having a great week!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up and Holiday Nights

  1. What a wonderful series of events! Coffee beans always taste so much better than grounds, and I realize that I have an unopened bag I can actually grind one of these days.

    I hope Wyatt’s outings are less stressful in the future. Enjoy your week.


  2. I love Greenfield Village even though I haven’t been there in decades. I honestly just remembered my husband (then boyfriend) and I went there the day after prom! How could I have forgotten that? I think it must be extra magical this time of year. I’m glad you were able to sort of figure out why Wyatt was upset.

    I think a boutique plant store would be dangerous for me! But, I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put plants in this little house now! I have only a handful of windows!

    I think your Winter Solstice plans sound so nice. What a wonderful tradition to start!



  3. I love the photos from that Holiday festival night! What a festive event and so magical. I’m sure the cold was starting to hurt Wyatt. I know when I get that cold I can physically hurt and my skin stings, even though it is covered.

    I hope you had a wonderful Winter Solstice celebration too!


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