A Whirlwind Weekend

We started off the weekend with a birthday party for my youngest (as of right now) niece. We haven’t seen them in far too long, so it was so nice to see her and her sister’s sweet little faces.

We unfortunately had to leave earlier than we had planned due to an issue at Billy’s work. He had to get down to Detroit and fix the issue which was a bummer, but we had a nice time until we had to go.

Then Saturday was the Detroit Zoo Boo! We went with my brother and his fam, my SIL’s mother, Michelle, and my mom. The kiddos looked so cute!

It was the most beautiful fall night, if not a tiny bit too warm to start with. I want fall to be fall darn it. But it was an absolutely gorgeous night to be out and about, and everyone was so relaxed and just enjoying the event. We have gone before in the cold and rain, so this was a nice reprieve from that! I particularly loved seeing the animals framed in the autumn light and foliage. We wandered around, taking our time, making sure to visit as many favorites as we could.

I even tried a cider slush, which was delicious!

It was late when we finally headed home, and we were all full of happy moments and ready for bed. We had an early morning coming up, after all!

The next morning Billy, Wyatt, and I were off on another adventure – Billy and I feeling barely recovered from the weekend thus far but we were more than up to the challenge.

We wandered around the orchard and peeked into the corn, soaking up the October sunshine. After we had explored to our heart’s content we headed back to the shop for pumpkins and doughnuts and cider.

It was a perfect, peaceful moment. We had the whole area to ourselves, and we took a moment to just be.

Billy and I enjoyed our drinks while Wyatt played in the dirt, because we are those parents. You would never guess that up until two years ago Wyatt would not sit on the grass or touch dirt by how filthy he is here, but it took me years of working with him to get to this place. We were all in a place of happy. The orchard we go to makes their own hard cider and we always treat ourselves. I had a cranberry cider while Billy had elderberry, and both were so good.

When we got home Billy and I had to hit the house and clean up! We spent the weekend playing, and the house needed some love – plus my brother and fam were coming over that evening for a fire and we needed to make things presentable. We had popcorn around the fire and good conversation, and it was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend.


11 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Weekend

  1. I love those photos and that sounds like an awesome weekend. I can’t believe we haven’t gone to a pumpkin farm or apple picking or anything this year! We’ve just had too much else going on I guess, but at least I was able to see some awesome photos of the places you visited. That apple cider slushy sounds and looks so good!

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  2. Oh, that pirate costume!!! Love it! And, I really love the photos of Wyatt in the dirt! I hope you frame one to remind yourself of how far he has come on those days when you’re not feeling it! To me, he looks like a kiddo having lots of fun! I’m sure you look at those photos with a completely different take! What a full weekend you all had!


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