What We’ve Been Reading – September Edition

Every Friday my mom, Wyatt, and I go to the library. It’s one of our favorite weekly traditions! The librarians and staff all know Wyatt, and one librarian has been the librarian there when I started going to the library at basically birth. Mom and Wyatt generally color while I choose my books, and then while my mom is looking, Wyatt and I are picking out his books. He chooses a few that we put on his library card, and then I also pick some as well that I want us to read. We are a family of readers and we generally fill up the wagon! And this upcoming Friday will be our last wagon Friday, as Wyatt gets a loaner wheelchair while we wait for his actual wheelchair to come in, which will be sometime around Thanksgiving. I will be thankful to have it, but now we will need to rethink how to carry all of our books.

This was last week’s haul. I bet you can guess what we are focusing on the next few weeks. Lol.

Let’s start with my mom’s books.

As you may guess, my mom is a bit of a history buff. I love history too, as my mom taught me to love it. And I am pretty sure I am passing that on to Wyatt as well.

And now my books.

It was a great month of reading for me honestly.

For Wyatt, we will just share his and my favorites.

Let’s start with Pip and Zip. This book was one of the first pandemic era books we have read, that discusses the pandemic. During lockdown the family in this book goes for walks (like we all did) and found duck eggs in the water. They raise them and free them and it was lovely story. Wyatt loves ducks so he loved that part; I liked the subtlety of acknowledging those first days of the pandemic – people in masks, the way the characters were drawn with a distance between them, without being super in your face. Plus, it was a neat look at what pandemic project this family had because this book is based on the author’s actual life. This was our favorite book.

Out of the others, Wyatt really enjoyed Lawrence in the Fall, A Very Big Fall, and Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures, which was really cute. It is also a good spooky season book that is not scary, so bonus for any kids out there who might get freaked out but still want seasonal books. I really enjoyed Moon Light, it was so beautiful, The Night Walk, and Ready for Pumpkins which was not only adorable but also covered the growing cycle of a pumpkin – through the eyes of a classroom guinea pig. Loved it.

I am sure Wyatt’s books will get more Halloween themed this month, as my kid loves Halloween. Just like me!


20 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Reading – September Edition

  1. I haven’t taken Henry to the library yet, but I’ve been checking out lots of books for him! We recently borrowed a bunch of fall themed books, too. Thank you for sharing Wyatt’s picks! He is quite a bit older than Henry, but it’s fun to add books to his list for later!

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  2. Oh, this post takes me back, Erin! My grade school didn’t have a library when I went there. Instead, the local public library would send books to the school for each grade. I can remember taking home my books in first grade (we also didn’t have kindergarten so I didn’t go) and sitting at the table with my mom. She would read those books to me in the dullest, monotone voice, but I loved every minute of it. My mom was not a reader, but she would sit for a few minutes out of her busy day (four kids) and read to me. A very special memory for me. I have a suggestion for your mom: The Gown by Jennifer Robbson. It’s a fictional telling of the making of the Queen’s wedding dress. I really liked it for the story and for the embroidery pieces!


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    1. Our school had a library but they had it closed down! It was so sad. We didn’t have anything extra the whole time I was in school because our teachers never had a contract. From like 1st grade to senior year! I think it is so cool that your library would send books to the school. And that is such a wonderful memory Marsha! Especially since your mom was not a reader and yet would read with you. That is lovely.

      And thanks for the suggestion! I will tell her!


  3. Jennifer

    Oh, I remember the trips to the library. Always a favorite of everyone! Such great memories. And how neat that Wyatt is getting his wheelchair! Outgrowing the wagon…..bittersweet:)

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  4. They sell bags that slip over the handles of wheelchairs (you can get one that has a built in cupholder which is super convenient) or you can kind of rig a backpack but it’s a bit more unwieldly. Amazon has a pretty solid selection. There are actually a surprising number of wheelchair accessories and Disney even sells Halloween costumes that incorporate them which I think is the coolest thing ever.
    Other Birds is on my TBR and I really want to read the Jennifer Ryan book your mom got!


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