Morning Coffee Catch Up!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend, and if you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope it was a good one.

We’ve just been caught up in the everyday over here – work, school, family, etc. My mom hasn’t been well, she was laid low by a UTI, and then her antibiotics really took the wind out of her sails, so it has been a few days of balancing letting her rest but making sure she is eating and drinking water. And in case you didn’t know it, for our ladies 65 and older, confusion is a big symptom even before anything else of an issue. (Also, ten days of antibiotics are a must! We learned that the hard way as well)

I did manage to join my friends at our favorite nursery on Saturday morning! I didn’t buy too much for outside, but I did buy a cool bonsai for my mother in law for Mother’s Day, and lots of terrarium plants to jeuje up Freddy, Harry, and Luna’s tanks. I did get a laugh out of the names of those flowers – and I have to say the Wee Bit Grumpy side seems to be flourishing.

When I got home I learned my guys had enjoyed their time together as well, stumbling on an old-timey baseball game at the park.

Billy and I putzed about with the tanks while Wyatt played outside (we were outdoors as well) and I am pleased with how they are turning out!

Sunday I wanted a slow day, after so many days of being busy. We visited our moms briefly – my mom wasn’t feeling well and Billy’s dad just had surgery – and went to the park for ice cream. I loved just laying on the blanket in the warm sun, listening to the birds, surrounded by the little spring flowers that made it seem like fairyland. Billy and Wyatt bought me an Elephant Ear plant “Mojito”, and I apparently have two more gifts coming in the mail, although I am perfectly happy with my new plant. Then Billy made dinner, salmon and brussel sprouts, rice pilaf, and brown bread. It was fantastic!

It was a lovely weekend and then we hit the ground running Monday, back to the daily again.

Today is also book launch day for my friend Lisa at Boondock Ramblings! Beauty from Ashes is her third book in the Spencer Valley Chronicles and I can’t wait to read it, as I loved the first two! It is downloaded and waiting for quiet time this afternoon.

After becoming pregnant by her abusive ex-boyfriend, 27-year-old Liz Cranmer feels trapped in a prison of shame. Now a single mother she feels like the whole town, especially her church-going parents, view her as a trashy woman with no morals. That’s not how she used to think of herself but — could they all be right? And if they think that, then what does God think of her?
Ginny Jefferies, 53, has hit a few snags of her own in life. Her husband, Stan, barely acknowledges her, her job as the town’s library director has become mundane and stagnant, and her youngest daughter is having some kind of identity crisis. Pile on the return of a former boyfriend and you have the makings of a near-midlife crisis.

You can find it here for just .99 cents!

Or, you can read the whole series for under $5 right now!

What have you all been up to lately?


9 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Catch Up!

  1. I hope your mom is soon feeling better. I didn’t know confusion could be a symptom. I love elephant ears and have planted them for years. Last year, I planted a really cute pink and purple teacup variety…Nigel didn’t keep it separated so I have no idea which one it is in all of those we harvested! I used to plant them in large clay containers but now plant them directly in the ground. I can’t wait to see yours coming up!

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    1. Yes! And we have learned that it can be some very concerning confusion. My mom was just a little bit goofy but some people don’t even know their names, etc. I guess when seniors are brought to the hospital because of a sudden change in their cognitive reasoning one thing they do first is check for a UTI.

      I love my elephant ear! It is in the house though, I didn’t put it outside. Should I? It is so cool, I love it!


  2. First,thankyou for the mention. Second, that sounds like an amazing weekend. Also, I need a plant called Wee Bit on The Grumpy Side. I need a sign that says that too so I can flip it over any time I am on the grumpy side. So every morning. Hope your mom is feeling better soon!

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  4. What a lovely post!

    I found out about the UTI/confusion thing a while ago with one friend’s older parent and always mention it if there’s confusion around as a lot of people don’t know about it. So well done for sharing that info here.

    I had a very emotional weekend last weekend, finally getting to see my cousins and auntie in the coastal town where they live. Family pictures shared, houses seen, kids caught up with – lovely (but exhausting!).


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