Hello, May!!

I had high hopes for April – and while it was a pretty darn good month, it was still really cold here in Michigan. Hopefully May brings the temps we are wanting, the nice, beautiful, warm days before the sticky, swampy days of summer. We love summer these days, but still avoid the heat of the day. Spring is pretty perfect for us, and usually involves lots of playing outside and porch drinks.

I have some fun activities in store for us this month, but my main goal for the month is getting the garden all ready and planting what can be planted. I really want to get my tomatoes planted but it is still too early here. We are looking forward to garden fresh tomatoes! My friends and I are hitting up our favorite nurseries this upcoming weekend, and I am making a list of what I think I need.

As I sit here and think about what we are doing this month, it seems like May is sort of a staging ground for summer – planning summer gardens, summer vacations – and I am deciding here and now to not miss the month of May by looking ahead to June.

Wyatt and I are about to start reading Charlotte’s Web together, which I also am going to use as a jumping off point for a big unit study on farms. I am super excited about this unit study, and have so many books and activities waiting for us, as soon as we finish up our ponds study. We have about two weeks worth or learning left, including some fun field trips, art projects, science experiments, and even a tiny container pond build. But once we finish up, we are starting on farms. I am super excited about it. I feel like we can include so many different little rabbit trails of learning, which usually ends up trickling into our everyday lives. That is one of my favorite things about homeschooling – how our daily lives and homeschool learning activities can become intertwined. (Like, don’t you all think I need to add a tarantula to our menagerie?) And I already have a trip planned for July, to a tiny house set in the middle of a farm.

Speaking of school, I need to get moving on next year’s curriculum! I already know what I want to use, but I want to purchase the programs I am using so I can get working on planning. I am also creating our own language arts curriculum for next year. It’s a lot of work honestly but I think it will be worth it! We will still rely on other curriculum for grammar, phonics, etc but for language arts, that is all me. I am really excited about what I have planned!

I am really looking forward to going to restaurants again this month! We are a bit slower here, to rejoin the world, but we are working on it slowly but surely. I am still nervous with Wyatt’s health issues but things are definitely better than they were two years ago at this time. I am hoping to start with some outside dining before taking the plunge. In fact, I should look at the weather and set something up soon!

What are your plans for May? Is there anything you are looking forward to this month?

5 thoughts on “Hello, May!!

  1. I love the sound of your plans for study. When I was a child, our family visited relatives in other states who had big farms, and one (in Missouri) that had woods and a pond. I have fond memories of those experiences.

    I hope you all have a great spring!


  2. Sorry I’ve missed a few posts, I got a bit overwhelmed with my blog backlog! Sounds like you have great plans for May. I have a trip to the seaside (first look at the sea since March 2020!) to see my cousins and auntie coming up, and my friend Claire’s hen brunch in advance of her wedding in June, so nice things to look forward to.


  3. Oh, Erin, you are making me jealous! I simply adored being a teacher and have pretty much regretted retiring early every day since retiring! Language Arts…OK, I was going to say Language Arts was my favorite, but, to be perfectly honest, there wasn’t an area I didn’t love…except Health..I couldn’t get excited about teaching Health! And, Charlotte’s Web is such a fabulous loving book! I’m sure Wyatt will insist upon a tarantula after you’ve read it! I do wish we had space for a garden…even a container garden would be nice! I hope your week is quite fabulous!


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    1. Lol!!! We have such a good time with our unit studies! I use a set curriculum for his main schooling, but I always include a fun unit study. Ugh, I don’t think I could get excited about Health either.

      I love Charlotte’s Web too, although I am not prepared for the end, ever!


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