What’s Been Going On Around Here

We have been feeling too contained lately, needing to get out and do something! So this weekend, we did!

Saturday, despite some pretty low temperatures, we went for a sled ride through the woods.

It was a beautiful winter day, with the sun shining on the glittering snow, although it was a bit bone chilling cold too. We ambled around for a bit, just enjoying the sun on our faces, and found a teeny hill. Wyatt has never actually sled down a hill before. He has a VP shunt behind his ear, and combined with his motor planning issues, we have always been too nervous to try it. But this hill was tiny, and there was no one else around, so we thought, let’s do it.

And were rewarded with the biggest, happiest smile.

However, that smile slipped a bit a few minutes later.

Once his mittens got snowy, he wore Billy’s. When Billy’s got too snowy, he put on mine. When mine got too snowy, we were out of dry warm gloves and decided that was our cue to go home. We were all ready for hot chocolate anyway.

Sunday we had warmer adventures. A visit to the bookstore! Wyatt has been working on some goals that he met and his reward was to go to the bookstore and pick out a book. He has not been in a store since the beginning of the pandemic so this was a big deal for all of us!

This is not his new walker; this is his walker we are borrowing from his therapy center. It works for him but not super well since it slips backward which is not great. And now that I am writing this, I realize that his new one should be in this week! Anyway, after taking a little walk down the aisle of books, we spotted this display of Pete the Cat and that was it. His favorite, right there. He picked one that he doesn’t own and I somehow managed to leave the bookstore without a book for myself. It was hard but I did it. I also signed him up for the Kids Club since we were there; I guess he gets a treat from the cafe on his birthday, which is Wednesday so he gets to use it right away!

He looks so cute and happy. I mean you can barely see his face between the mask and his bangs, but he is thrilled. He was so excited to get in there and walk around and pick a book. My kid is easy to please.

It was another weekend of small, simple joys. My favorite kind.


14 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On Around Here

  1. I can hear the happiness in your voice as you write about your adventures sledding and going to the bookstore. I’ve never been sledding, but just seeing Wyatt go down the hill makes me want to drive about three or four hundred miles north and find a snowy hill to try.

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    1. We really did have such a fun time. It was the best of all of our worlds, reading and outside time together. Perfection. And Wyatt’s joy was the cherry on top.

      Oh, it is so fun! Yeah, definitely try sledding one winter! Grab those grandkids and head north!


  2. Wyatt looks like he had a great time sledding, but even better, a trip to a bookstore (Barnes & Noble, I’m going to guess). Oh, how I miss having a bookstore nearby. I worked at B&N for over a decade and now the closest one is about 90 minutes away. Sigh.

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  3. I loved these pictures of Wyatt in the snow! I’m so glad he got to experience sledding! I’m sure his big happy smile kept you warm for hours after! Aren’t books the perfect reward? I loved when my kids brought home their Scholastic book order forms (I think their teachers did, too) because we ordered so many books! Later, when I was teaching, a lot of their books (they were many years older by then), I used those books in my classroom! Pete the Cat books are always such fun! Wyatt has excellent taste!


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    1. Thank you! He had a great time sledding, and I was so happy that he was happy!

      Yes! I am so thankful that Wyatt is a book lover. Lol. And that is so cool you were able to keep the reading going, and could use your books that you read with your kids, with your school kids. 🙂


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  5. What a wonderful pictures! He looks absolutely thrilled sledding and from our limited experience with snow there is nothing better then hot chocolate after being out in the cold. Wonderful about the bookstore! Will used to love the Pete the Cat books and he looks like he’s doing great on the walker even if it’s quirky. That’s great that the new walker will be there soon!

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