10 on the 10th

I love participating in 10 on the 10th which is hosted by Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After and Marsha in the Middle.

Love Stories:

Something I loved about 2021….

… our summer vacation. We had such a perfect fun time together and Wyatt loved the beach and lake swimming.

Our Love Story

Billy and I met in 3rd grade, when we shared a double desk. I was super quiet, he was super chatty. I think our teacher had hopes that Billy would be quieter if he sat next to me. But, my silence did not dissuade him from talking. He would also draw me pictures and eat part of my lunch (after he asked if he could have it of course – he was always polite)

Then we re-met in high school. He had a mohawk and rode a skateboard everywhere, and I remember my mom told me that she didn’t want me “hanging around with that boy” all summer. After a month or two of getting to know him though, she ended up loving him. And so did I. We were inseperable, not just for that summer, and got engaged 4 years late and were married two years later. We had a huge wedding, 400 people were there, we had 10 people each in our bridal party, and it was New Orleans themed, with cajun food and beads and doubloons and masks. People still talk about our wedding, 21 years later. It was a blast. We took a 17 day honeymoon, going to New Orleans (of course) for a week, followed by a week at Disney World. We certainly lived it up!

And here we are 21 years later. Through good times and bad, hard times and easy times. He and Wyatt are my world.

Things I Love:

What food do you love and must have on a regular basis? Hm. I love soup. And toast. And I have a Haribo Cherries addiction. I eat them every Saturday night for movie night.

What fashion “trend” do you love?  It doesn’t even have to be a current trend. Oh dear. I am so not trendy or fashionable. I will say I love the 70s hair and curtain bangs that people are doing now, but I don’t think it would work on me.

Which season do you love most?  Why is it your favorite? Fall!! I love bonfires, crunchy leaves, chilly nights and warm days, boots and blankets and cider and Halloween – and oh just everything autumn!

If you could be with a loved one who has passed, who would it be and what would you do? This question made me cry. I miss my Aunt Barb so much everyday. I have so many loved ones who I would love to be with again, but my Aunt Barb and I had a special bond. I wouldn’t care what we did but I will say for sure that we would have a cup of tea and a dessert and let her play with Wyatt.

What would you love to accomplish in 2022? Baking cookies that actually look and taste like cookies. My latest attempt looked weird, crumbled like dust, and also tasted like dust. Yum.

Which do you love most:  shoes, handbags, belts, or coats? Coats I guess? I have like two pairs of shoes, no belts, but I do have lots of coats and jackets.

What love remains with you today? Family, animals, nature. Books and words and learning other people’s stories. Freshly fallen snow, a quiet woods. Summer picnics under the trees.

How do you show your love?  What is your love language? I had to take the love language quiz because I had no idea! I am apparently all about quality time and acts of service. I know that I do really just enjoy spending time with those I love, not even doing anything in particular. I also like to help my loved ones – and apparently I like it when they help me too!


26 thoughts on “10 on the 10th

  1. Thanks so much for joining us. Your answers were heart-warming. I love the picture you paint of fall…my favorite season, too. I am not sure I mentioned loving nature but sure should have.

    I am sure you Aunt Barb was a warm, lovely lady. You can tell she had a big heart from the way she is looking at Wyatt.

    I remember reading that your summer vacation was magical. Hope you can do something just as delightful this year.

    Don’t give up on the cookies. You’ll get it!!

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    1. I really had fun with this!! I am about to start visiting everyone else who participated, I needed Billy to get home so I could have a few minutes. Lol.

      She had the biggest heart. And she adored Wyatt so much.

      I hope we can too! And ugh these cookies! I don’t know why I can’t make them! Lol.


  2. Oh dear – sitting here weepy after reading your love story and now I think you should write a lovely essay about it before I write a story story about your love story (kidding – won’t do that but really want to). Okay — waving hand at face to cool my weeping down – but then I come to thing about your aunt and now I’m waving it again.

    I’ll just be over here with tissues and chocolate.

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    1. Aww Lisa. Lol. I don’t think we are that particularly interesting to write about our relationship? Maybe I will on Valentine’s Day. Hmm. Lol.

      I sincerely can’t look at that picture of my aunt without tears. Just the expression on her face – that is her soul, right there.

      And maybe I need some tissues and chocolate now too.

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      1. Your love story is just sooo cute!

        And I do the same with photos of my aunt. Dang, I miss her. For some reason I have been missing her much more this last month or so. Around Christmas would have been worse but I was still all loopy from the nasty virus. Maybe that was the only good thing.


  3. joanne

    My husband and I met in grade school too! We were always in the same school though up until high school when we began dating. We missed each other during the day but it meant 2 proms each year and gave us good practice for college.

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  5. This was so interesting! Yours and Billy’s love story is so sweet and I love the pictures of you and Wyatt on summer vacation. The question about the loved one who has passed is tough. There are so many people I’d love to see again but I think my grandfather would have to be my choice. I miss him dearly. Good luck with your cookie goals! I use a Cooks Illustrated recipe for chocolate chip cookies that involves melted butter and is pretty fool proof (and really good)! I think it’s their thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe.

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  6. I loved reading your answers…especially your love story! And, I’m so sorry my question made you cry. I hope they were partially tears of joy at remembering how special your aunt was. It’s funny because I had an aunt I simply adored and often wished she were my mother. I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately. Thanks so much for being a part of 10 on the 10th!


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  8. Stefanie

    I’d take muggy; we had mid to high 70’s here which was like a rude awakening this winter. Now we’re back to cold and windy. It’s always fun to be able to know and spot out familiar places. I had read an old mystery that was a bit dated in how women were treated but because it was based in SF, I enjoyed knowing where the characters were.

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    1. Wow! Is that warm for your area in winter? We just had a few days of 50 degree weather and that was definitely warmer than normal.

      I love that too. 🙂 I run into that issue with some older books too. I always think about how things have changed since the book was written and sometimes it blows me away.


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