What We Did During Limbo Week

Does everyone wander around lost that week between Christmas and New Year’s? I know I spend the week alternately cleaning and straightening but also being incredibly lazy, all while saying I can eat what I want because New Year’s is coming and I will probably not be eating healthy for those two days anyway so why bother now? And so on…

This year Billy had the entire week off with Wyatt and I! I would like to say that we did lots and lots of cool things, but in reality we spent a lot of time bumming around the house together. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun though. Because we did. It was actually really nice to have all that time together while also having time to do different individual projects. Billy spent a few days making bread with my sourdough starter. (I made one for my stepmom too, and I named it The Grateful Bread) We also made homemade chicken noodle soup in the instant pot. It was delicious!

I worked on school things, different plans, watched a lot of YouTube, painted and played games and with different toys with Wyatt, who had lots of new things he wanted us to try out together. And so many books for us both! We have been reading up a storm around here.

We did get dressed in actual clothes and ventured out a few times though.

We went for a hike one afternoon, and were hoping that it would snow while we were out there. There is nothing like being in a forest while it is snowing. And wouldn’t you know it, the universe provided.

Another day we took a field trip to one of my favorite shops, The Conservatory. I love it there, especially in the winter. All the green!! It just makes me so happy. It was short outing but a good one. And I ended up bringing home a new pothos, a Silver Satin that I named Sam Elliot.

And I was excited to learn that The Conservatory is expanding and opens up in it’s new location (two doors down from its current one) on the 8th of January! I may need to take another trip. We followed our plant shopping up with pizza at my mom’s, where my brother and his family joined us. It was a nice night!

We pretty much laid low the rest of the week, watching The Witcher and Brokenwood Mysteries (which we finished…noooo!), doing the same stuff we did earlier in the week. New Year’s Eve we didn’t do anything too special but we did have plans for New Year’s Day! We woke up early (because that is not an issue when you don’t do much on NYE) and headed to the woods as we do every New Year’s Day.

The snow was gone sadly, but we were expecting a bit of a snowstorm later that night – right when we had plans for dinner with my brother and SIL. It was a low key dinner, spaghetti and homemade bread at our house while my mom watched the kids, and gave the four of us a chance to chat and catch up a little without the kids around for a few hours. And that was the extent of our socializing for the week! Sunday we watched movies (The Big Year and Encanto) and all of a sudden, vacation was over.

What do you do that week, if you are not working? Are you productive, or a bit lost like a lot of us?


18 thoughts on “What We Did During Limbo Week

  1. I love weeks like the one you just had! Your photos are goregous.

    It’s been raining so much, that I didn’t get out as often as I would have liked. I don’t usually mind the rain, but we’ve had a few scary windstorms and it’s a bit dangerous to walk on our paths in our forest. I put away all the Christmas decorations and set up my new laptop and now I’m working on my “Best of 2021” list.

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  2. I do like the sound of your limbo week. I would probably call mine a “lazy week,” lol. I love just spending time doing nothing in particular. I usually watch movies on my laptop.

    I didn’t go anywhere on New Year’s Eve, either; more movies! Some reading. Not really limbo, since these are my usual activities!

    Enjoy the upcoming week! Today I am going to lunch with a friend…and Monday, my daughter took me shoe shopping!

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    1. Lol it was indeed a very lazy week. And it was awesome. LOL. I can very contently just occupy myself for hours. 🙂 My mom told me I was like that even as a little tiny kid. That I would sit somewhere and just color for hours at like 3. However, my son takes after his father and is a mover and on the go and super busy all the time, which is good too. So I can appreciate a good slow week.

      We need to watch more movies. We started last year with some really good ones and then petered out somehow. I want us to revive our movie night here.

      Oo new shoes!!!!! And have fun at lunch, that sounds amazing!


  3. Stefanie

    The woods look perfect with the snow and I’d love to peruse The Conservatory. When Christmas passed it was time to get ready for New Year’s Day as the family came over; we celebrated my mom’s birthday and I was hosting so tidying, grocery shopping, and cooking kept me busy. I didn’t work out that day and I got over 11K steps making Greek Gyros.


  4. It looks like a terrific week, Erin. I love that week — I feel like I’m on vacation. I read, hang out. Back in the pre-Covid days, went to movies but now I watch fun video. It’s a good recharging time after the holiday! Yours looks like you made the most of it and I love that!

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      1. That one wasn’t bad; this week I still have very little work and that’s getting a bit alarming (I’m self-employed and a one-person company). I’m chilling and reading and keeping up with blogs and doing admin like writing up all my Spanish learning vocab in my neat book so all good for the time being …


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