Halloween, Hikes, and Holiday Lattes

We have been keeping active around here, between trick or treating and learning and hiking and just having small little adventures.

Let’s start with Halloween! We found a small bakery on a spur of the moment roadside stop that turned into some of the best doughnuts I’ve had, and did some trick or treating with my brother and his family. Halloween is Wyatt’s favorite so I was happy to get him back out there. We did about six blocks total on my brother’s street, but that was the perfect amount. Plus my brother’s street goes all out – Wyatt got 10 full size candy bars! Remember that excitement? The street went all out this year, with decorations and a festive atmosphere. Some of the houses even handed out treats for parents, that were for people 21 and over. As costumed kids picked their candy, parents could pick their poison – cans of beer, jello shots, gummi bears soaked in vodka. I have never seen anything like it, honestly. Lol. Perhaps that contributed to the festive atmosphere! This year we used the wagon with Wyatt, but we have high hopes that next year he will be using his walker, or even walking on his own!

Then Saturday we took a walk in the woods, looking for mushrooms and beavers and whatever else we could spot. It was gorgeous out – the light was trickling like warm honey through the leaves, lighting the trail up in warm yellows and oranges. It was beautiful.

Billy and I also treated ourselves to a holiday coffee from Starbucks! Billy ordered the Caramel Brulee Latte, while I ordered the tiny baby sized Chestnut Praline Latte. I ordered a tiny one in case I didn’t like it – then wished I had sized up since it was delicious!


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