It’s that time again! I’m joining up with Anne in Residence for her monthly This month we are talking about what we are appreciatinggetting, makingsharing, and wearing!

I seriously can’t believe it is November! September and October flew by in the blink of an eye. November is a great month – full of cozy moments, family time..and my birthday and anniversary! My husband and I will have been married twenty-one years on Thursday! Talk about time flying. I am pretty sure we are still just 17 years old right?

Well, without further ado – the prompts!

Appreciating: The weather change – it finally feels like fall! I’ve been waiting for fall to really show up to the party so I can break out the soups and comfort meals and hot chocolate. I am also appreciating any and all personal time I get, as that is scarce right now. I am hoping things slow down soon. And, I am appreciating my husband and my son, the source of most of my joy in life.

Getting: Christmas gifts! I feel like I can go all out now that it is November. Other than that, not much just mostly groceries and library books.

Making: Lesson plans, gift lists, tiny sewn felt creatures. I am a super beginner sewer but it is relaxing nonetheless. I think I am going to make some cute little critters out of felt for my cats to play with – they can get them as Christmas gifts! (Maggie, I know you are sitting next to me I hope you are not reading this.. no peeking!)

Sharing: Random funny things with my friends via text and Instagram messenger (looking at you in particular with that one Lisa) It helps break up my day. Meals with my mom, especially when I make a giant pot of chili. My son’s Halloween candy… well, I guess that is more him sharing with me…

Wearing: Nothing exciting here! Comfy clothes, warm sweaters, my new glasses. I am trying to buy things thrifted these days in efforts to be more environmentally friendly, which is sort of like a fun hunt. I am finding so many warm flannels and thick yummy sweaters at the thrift store – I just wash them and wear them! Also, I wore deer ears and a flannel for my costume on Halloween, as a Sweet Tooth inspired outfit. Easy peasy! And I was happier than it appears in this photo!

And that is about it from around here! What about you all? What are you appreciatinggetting, makingsharing, and wearing these days?


31 thoughts on “Currently..November

  1. Sweet Tooth…what a clever idea!! My granddaughter has the cutest pair of dear ears and a softy dear tail. Will keep that in mind for next year. Wyatt was a darling Pete the Cat.

    Hope Maggie didn’t figure out her Christmas gift. Even if she did read that you are making her something, she doesn’t know exactly WHAT. I am impressed that you are just a beginning seamstress and making toys already. I made a very simple dress and then put my sewing machine away forever.

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    1. Aw thank you!! And yay you know who he is! Of course, librarian. Lol. I tried desperately to get Wyatt to be Sweet Tooth but he was pretty set on Pete the Cat. LOL. So I did it instead.

      That is a good point! So even if she did read it, she won’t know exactly what it is. And my sewing…. I wouldn’t necessarily call it skilled. I take a few pieces of felt and hand stitch it all around the edges, then fill it at this point. Lol. But they are fun and relaxing to make. I could never make a dress! Or probably use a sewing machine!


  2. It’s so good to see you here and get caught up a bit! Happy anniversary! I think it’s today? It sounds like you are ready to fully embrace November–one of my very favorite months, too. Enjoy.(And wishing you as many moments to yourself as possible–as fleeting as they may be!)

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  3. Oh my gosh! Wyatt is such a cutie.

    I love those random things you send. They just crack me up and break up my day too.

    I seriously can NOT believe it is November! Where did October go?!

    You know November is a birthday and anniversary month for me too. My son’s birthday is Sunday, my husband’s the 23rd and my brother and his wife will celebrate 25 years on the same day as my husband’s birthday. Also, my aunt is turning 90 the day after my son’s birthday!
    Busy month for sure.

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    1. Thank you!

      I love our friendship!

      I feel like October flew by! My favorite month. Lol. November is pretty awesome too though. I knew your son’s birthday was this weekend but I didn’t realize your husband was a November birthday as well! My cousin is the 20th, they are pretty close. I am the 16th. And congrats to your brother!! My brother had his anniversary the 2nd of November, so two days before mine. My grandma’s birthday was the 23rd too. November 23, 1928. 🙂 And happy birthday to your aunt!!!

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  4. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating 33 years today. Yes, time flies, doesn’t it?

    Your son is darling in his Pete the Cat Halloween costume. 🙂

    I live in flannel shirts and a few days ago I realized I have a dozen! I live in Oregon, so it’s kind of the state dress code. Our weather isn’t much colder than a few weeks ago, but we’re getting a lot of rain, so it feels more like fall.

    Have a great weekend and upcoming week. Happy birthday, too!

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  6. Jennifer

    I love finding thrift finds – especially cozy ones!! Just getting around to catching up with these Currently posts…but hope your November is already off to a good start!!

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