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This past week was pretty good! Then this weekend was a very slow weekend – Billy went camping with his friends and it was just Wyatt and I and rainy days Friday and Saturday. Billy should be home sometime today and I am ready to not be solo parenting! Lol. Luckily my mom watched Wyatt a few hours yesterday so I could get a break so that was nice. Then Wyatt and I spent the night eating junk food together and watching Coco on Disney+. I have never watched it and I have to say I loved it. A lot. Even though I definitely, totally cried at the end!

I also had to deal with this craziness yesterday:

Somehow this lady found her way into my house. After screaming, which completely cracked Wyatt up, I managed to successfully relocate her outside. I think we bonded. I swear she tried to follow me like a stray cat. I left her outside though even though I wanted to bring her in and keep her, but she is a wild thing who belongs outside no matter how cold it is getting. Right? Plus, how would I feed this monster? Well. Maybe if I see her again…it will mean I am supposed to bring her in. I told Lisa from Boondock Ramblings that sometimes I feel like Bilbo Baggins, all “Why shouldn’t I keep it?” in these situations. Lol.

Read Last Week:

I loved The Final Girl Support Group way more than I anticipated I would. I knew I would like it for the campy slasher film aspect of it; I was not prepared for the deeper cut about violence towards women in entertainment. It was really good, although it took me a bit to get into. I hope to do a few reviews soon! I also finished Witch by Barbara Michaels. I love her, I own all of her books although right now they are in a box in the basement. I grabbed this one on hoopla online and revisited this story this week. It is classic.

Reading this Week:

My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones: I have heard really good things about this one, although it might end up being too intense. We will see.

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool Update: Coyotes, Turtles, and a Failed Field Trip

Tis the Season – for Pumpkins!


We are still watching Only Murders in the Building, and Nancy Drew. Both are so good! I also have started watching YouTuber Rachel Maksy and her channel is so fun! She is quirky and into vintage and sewing and she is just fun to watch.

And that is about it from our little refuge! I hope all is well in your world!


29 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I was proud I could talk you out of keeping that crazy creature and running out to buy another reptile while you missed Billy too. Hee. Hee.

    You always read books I’ve never heard of that intrigue me. It’s so cool having different bloggy friends (who are really just friends we met on blogs) with so many different tastes and interests

    Hope you have a good week this week with school, etc.

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    1. Lol you should be proud!! My husband says thank you by the way. Lol.

      I agree!!! I read so weirdly, different things here and there, and I go down little rabbit trails of reading a bunch of one thing at a time and then have to stop to switch it up. I love seeing what other people are reading, learning about completely different things, view points, perspectives. And yes, bloggy friends are great! Sometimes the people we are supposed to meet and be friends with just don’t live nearby!

      I hope you do as well.

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  2. Oh dear me no. I’m afraid that poor monster of an insect would’ve met up with my can of Raid. I would feel bad about killing it but I’m too terrified of bugs to catch and release. So I would be crying while killing. LOL

    Adding the Chainsaw book to my list!

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  3. I’ve never seen Coco, and now I want to watch it soon. Glad to hear it’s so good.

    We have a praying mantis living on our front porch right now. She is fun to watch. I wonder how long she will stay.

    We are watching Murders in the Building, too. It just seems to get better and better with each episode.

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  4. Mareli Thalwitzer

    A monster called and she ended up not being scary at all! Glad you helped her to find her way back outside.
    The final girl support group sounds good and Witch too. Perfect for Halloween season.

    Have a good week ahead!

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  5. Coco is a favorite around here too and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I really loved Inside Out as well if you haven’t seen it. A cozy weekend with rainy days sounds nice – especially since you were able to get a bit of a break in there. I hope you have a great week!

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    1. I had never watched it before and I couldn’t believe what an emotional response I had! Disney pulling hard at those heartstrings! It was so good though. 🙂

      It was a really nice low key weekend with my kiddo. And yes, I am thankful to my mom for the break!


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