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We had another great week of homeschooling! We are still finding our way through the new school year, but everyday gets easier. I am having my own time management issues, juggling house stuff, blog stuff like visiting everyone’s blogs, and just plain taking a minute to breathe and relax, but I will get it together. We have been sticking pretty close to home right now, without many outings lately – just taking care of business around here lately. I feel a bit like the squirrels running around our yard, stealing apples, burying nuts in our lawn, preparing and organizing and doing. And reading – I have been reading more in the past few weeks than I read all summer! I am ready for the slowness that fall and winter bring.

Read Last Week:

Small Favors by Erin A. Craig : I loved this book and could not put it down! It was such a good read! It’s a toss up which book of hers that I have liked more, House of Salt and Sorrows or this one – right now, I would say this one, but I love them both.

Reading this Week:

I have both of these and I don’t know which to start first!! Gichigami Hearts or The Lost Apothecary – both sound excellent.

Posted Last Week:

First Day of School, Flowers, and a Frog

For the Love of Mushrooms

Late Summer at the Village

Homeschooling: Our Curriculum


We have not watched too much or anything different. We are still watching Schitt’s Creek, a rewatch for me, the first time for Billy, and Agatha Christie’s Marple. We are always startled when we see a “big” star in that show – Carey Mulligan, Julian Sands, Richard Armitage, Timothy Dalton (although I 100% think of his role in Hot Fuzz when I see him now) As we move deeper into fall, we will be adding in more scary, spooky movies and show too. I am ready!

And that is about it from our little house here in the mitten. What has been going on in your world?


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I am looking for a little bit of the slower days of fall, as well. I have an excuse to stay inside when the weather is cold, which I enjoy. But….then I’m also sad because it’s cold outside and we can’t go do anything. That’s right — I am a total mess.

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    1. Lol!! I love to go outside in the winter, but we don’t get the amount of snow that you all do! That would make it a little harder! I love snow and winter but by February I am so ready for green growing things and signs of life. We will see what happens to my house of plants and animals this year… eek.

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      1. We don’t always get the amount of snow he did last year. That was crazy. Two storms of 24 inches?! What?! That’s not normal here, thankfully. The rumor is that we will have an early winter here. I don’t care if it is early, as long as it is mild and ends early! lol!


  2. Sounds like homeschooling is going well and you’re starting to settle into a workable routine. I always loved this time of year when the girls were younger! The covers of ALL the books you’re reading right now are so pretty… must make it harder to decide which one to pick up!

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    1. We are doing pretty good! Every day I seem to forget one thing though, I will be happy when I get it entirely together. LOL. This is my all time favorite time of year.

      It does!! I ended up picking The Lost Apothecary and I finished it today. Lol. It was a good read but a really fast one.


  3. Fall has always been my favorite season. I’m especially looking forward to doing the feeder bird count this fall and winter. I learned so much about birds by doing that count last year.

    I love the cover for The Lost Apothecary. Small Favors looks great, too.

    We are thinking about starting a new series tonight. So many people have recommended it. It’s Only Murders in the Building.

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    1. Oo I have not done that in a few years! We used to like to go to our favorite Nature Center and sit there with coffee and hang out with our interpreter friends. 😦 Darn pandemic. Maybe I will try to do a bird feeder count here in our yard this year.

      They were both really good! Lol. I finished up Lost Apothecary this afternoon; it was a really fast read, but good.

      And I am intrigued by that show! I will have to look it up!


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