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I feel like last week was a mad dash to the finish line – we start school tomorrow! Am I ready? I don’t know! I am excited to begin our new curriculum and learn all the new things with Wyatt this year. His science curriculum this year includes a huge section on geology and rocks and minerals and I have to admit I am super excited about it. And I learned my brother has a rock tumbler… I may be sending some rocks his way to tumble for us. We also had my mom and niece over for a day and the kids had such fun together. All day playing, making messes, eating, being crazy. It was good.

I also had a pretty emotional day on Thursday. When I woke up in the morning I discovered that my little Dash had passed away overnight. She had been declining so I wasn’t totally surprised but I felt really hampered by not being able to do much. She was a tiny unhandleable anole. I feel like she was an older girl when we rescued her, as wild caught reptiles you never know. I don’t support the idea of wild caught reptiles and adopted her because she looked so miserable in the pet store. I was absolutely shattered however even while knowing it was coming. Billy arranged her sweetly in a little tea tin surrounded by flower petals and we buried her in the lavender. It’s funny how these small creatures can charm their way right into your heart but they do.

Read Last Week/Reading This Week:

I finished The Family Plot and it was fabulous!! It was crazy twisty and I couldn’t stop reading it. A good way to gear up for spooky season!! I also started and read about half of The Running Hare. I love John Lewis-Stempel and always slow read his books to savor them a bit more.

I also started Fire Keeper’s Daughter. And wow, I love this book so much. Boulley is a Michigan author writing about her Ojibwe community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love supporting Michigan authors and it is always so neat to read a book set in your home state. I have been to so many of these places mentioned in the book. I am also learning so much about the Ojibwe. I may end up going down a few rabbit trails…

Posted Last Week:

I posted my Hometown Views: Main Street post, alongside Lisa at Boondock Ramblings. I learned some new stuff from her post, the most startling about Marie Antoinette. Did you know she had a connection to Pennsylvania?

I also posted my latest Butterfly Update. We are getting close to the end folks!


We have been kind of skipping around, not seeming to land on anything too long. We watched a few episodes of Nancy Drew before deciding we want to save it for fall. We watched McDonald and Dodds on BritBox which we really love. We watched a few Death in Paradise, and then last night started Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.

And that is about it from our little refuge! How are things going for you?


31 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. We started McDonald and Dodd last night and are enjoying it so far.

    I did find another post where I talked about Marie Antoinette a bit. I’ll have to share it again but I did have a weird bit in the beginning about my niece thinking my daughter was swearing when she was only about 3. I don’t know why I plopped that in the same post.

    We are starting Wednesday because I told the kids we would start with two short weeks – one three day week and then one four day week before we start our five day weeks.

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    1. I really like McDonald and Dodds! I think the second season they really find their footing. It’s good.

      I’ll have to search Marie Antoinette on your blog!

      We are starting today because we are going camping the third week of September, Monday through Wednesday, so I thought I would just start early to make up for that week. The flexibility of homeschooling!!

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  2. It’s sad to lose a pet friend, no matter what species. I was surprised my blue-tongued skink (re-homed from someone whose kids had grown up) lived so many years in my library (fourteen before I re-homed him again to another librarian).

    My husband is a rock and mineral collector and we often go on rock hunting trips. I bet there are some good sites near you. Too bad you don’t live closer, as he often used to bring his collection to the schools.

    The Running Hare looks very promising, though it is not found frequently around here. I wonder if I could find some of the author’s other books.

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    1. I am so glad to hear your little blue skink had such a nice long life! We had a box turtle that had belonged to the school science lab. However, the school decided we didn’t need a science lab and every animal needed to be rehomed, so I took the turtle. When Wyatt was born we rehomed her to a great home since we didn’t have enough time for her due to his birth circumstances (NICU and everything else). We are talking about getting another one though, we really loved her.

      I found a place! I googled and there is a place about an hour away. We are totally going!!

      I can never find his books here. 😦 My husband has bought them all for me as gifts the past few years since that was the only way I could read him. 😦 I would recommend starting with Meadowland, that was my favorite!


  3. School tomorrow- yikes! It came up fast didn’t it? I love geology, it’s so interesting!

    I’m sorry to hear about Dash! 😦

    Nancy Drew sounds fun- perfect for fall- and I like the sound of watching some Christie too. I need to check out some of those shows.


    1. It did! I started us a little early since we are going on a camping trip the third week of September and will be “missing” school. Lol. We will be on your side of the state actually!

      Thanks Greg. 😦

      I really love Nancy Drew. I think you would like it too. And the Agatha Christie we are watching is really good too!


  4. I love the Agatha Christie shows that I saw on PBS, especially Miss Marple. The school stuff sounds fun – my favorites were math and science. My daughter has Geology as a class for college this fall. I hope your new routines go well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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    1. I am loving the Agatha Christie series we are watching. It is really well done!

      I am so excited about all the science with Wyatt. When I was growing up, our school system did not really put much emphasis on science in grade school and I really feel like I missed out. I think had I started earlier, I would have been more interested in high school. I loved English and history and geography, but I think I could have really loved science. So teaching Wyatt, I am so excited to lay that groundwork for him. I want to see if there are any online free classes I could take myself honestly, in botany. Probably not, but I think I am going to look to find one to start in January.

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  5. Hello There! I read a library copy of the Firekeeper’s Daughter and absolutely loved it! I actually purchased this one for my personal bookshelf, something I rarely do as, at my age, I’m beginning to purge. This book has stayed with me as I learned so much about Native women and the culture of the Ojibwe culture. Happy reading!

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  6. Kathy Martin

    I hope you have a great school year. Rocks and minerals sounds like a fun focus for science. I loved Fire Keeper’s Daughter too. Since I live in Northern Minnesota, I felt close to the setting too. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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