A Sweet Summer Tradition

Or a sassy one, judging by Wyatt’s face in this photo. it cracks me up. He actually did have a good time despite this expression.

Every year we take a drive into the country to our favorite summertime orchard, Erie Orchards. When I was a kid, this was the orchard we used to get pumpkins and apples at, so we have been visiting and eating the fruit from these trees since I was Wyatt’s age, which is crazy to me!

Usually we are able to pick from the whole orchard. This year we were told to pick from only one row, so I am not sure if it was a rough growing season for them or what the deal was but we stuck to our row. Unfortunately, there were a few other families there and we were all picking from the one same row, so it was not quite as easy to find peaches. If you look at our bag though, we managed successfully, although it wasn’t quite as fun this time with all of us crammed in the same space.

We usually picnic as well too, but Wyatt requested a “car picnic” and since he is the prince of picnics in this house we decided a car picnic worked for us too. Especially since this time there were more people than usual around.

So we ate our cheese and bread and peaches hanging out in the back of the Subaru, and then wandered over to the “U-Pick” flowers. I can’t seem to pass that up this year. All the bright colors, I am like a magpie to the shiny things. And all the butterflies! I definitely need to plant zinnies next year! Remember that for me, ok? And sunflowers too, I am in love with their bright cheery faces this year.

Today my plans include making peach jam. I am going to try something different though. Instead of the traditional way of making jam, I am going to try Instant Pot jam. It will be freezer jam but that is ok. I love to grab a jar of summer preserves in the midst of winter and remember the days that i picked that fruit. I also love to put peach jam on my pancakes! Yum!

It was a quick little trip but a fun one!


11 thoughts on “A Sweet Summer Tradition

  1. Great photos! Seeing those peaches reminds me of my childhood summers, as we had peaches growing around us in the fields…almost every year. Later, they switched to almonds and walnuts. But there is nothing like a peach!

    Enjoy your summer activities and your peach jam!

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  2. Beautiful boy. And those peaches. We had nary a one from our tree. But I think the one late spring frost nipped things in the bud. Next year, maybe. Zinnias are so bright. I wish I could successfully grow and not torture flowers here in El Paso. Everything I plant dies a painful death of over or underwatering.

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    1. Aw thank you. šŸ™‚ Our apples this year are terrible on our tree! I don’t know what is happening. šŸ˜¦

      Zinnias looks so pretty – and bright! I had no idea I liked them so much. Lol. I have found a helpful tool for houseplants – a water meter thing that I stick in the dirt and it tells me if I need to water or not. It was super helpful over the winter!


  3. Wonderful peaches and how fun to go to the same orchard you went to as a child. Definitely sounds not as fun to have to pick from the same row but looks you got lots of peaches! Peach jam sounds delicious. Looks like Wyatt had a wonderful time!

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