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Hello! Today is a bright sunshiney day, which is perfect since it is my niece Dino Girl’s birthday party today! It will be the first party we have gone too since the pandemic, and it is outside at a park so the kids can play. I have spent the past week getting ready for next school year – I decided we need a bigger space so I am in the process of rearranging and redoing Wyatt’s bedroom to accommodate this need. I mainly really need to shift things around and go through the six years of clothes and toys and books he has accumulated, and organize. We also took apart the little toddler bed, since he is a big kid now anyway which seemed to open the room up much more. I want to do our bedroom too, but.. I guess Wyatt’s room came first. And of course I decided he needs all new art work too, so I will slowly be adding that in as well, with his input. He said he wants animals and the moon. I guess I will see what I can do with that theme.

Read Last Week:

I finally finished Prodigal Summer, and it was an amazing read. I had read it before, but I feel like I had so much more understanding and more takeaways this time around. It was complex and rich, and made me think about our responsibility to nature and the world and our communities and how that all works together.

I also downloaded a new book, Harvesting Hope by Lisa Howeler, but I keep forgetting to charge my kindle! I should do that right after this so I can start it tonight.

I also am picking this book up from the library tomorrow, and hope to start it as well. I loved House of Salt and Sorrows so I am looking forward to reading this one.

Posted Last Week:

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We finished up Virgin River and Sweet Tooth. I loved them both although they were very different. Sweet Tooth I especially loved. We started watching McDonald and Dodds, a police procedural/mystery on BritBox, and we thought the first season was so-so, but loved the second season. We also started watching season two of Nancy Drew. I am getting ready for spooky season!!

And that is it from around here! Hope you are all doing well!


33 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. It sounds like a big job to redo Wyatt’s room, but I’m sure you will all be happier with the new arrangement of space. I remember doing that several times as my sons were growing up.

    Prodigal Summer is a book I have never read. And I thought I’d read all of Barbara Kingsolver. I tend to prefer her nonfiction.

    I am eager to hear your thoughts about Lisa Howeler’s book.

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  2. Yay for getting Wyatt’s room set up for school. It’s amazing how small changes make such a big difference. We were just starting redoing the school room when Will was diagnosed so that came to a screeching halt. It’s in total chaos now and needs to be repainted and reorganized. For now we’ve been using my office which has worked out okay but I’d still rather have that project done.

    Thanks for your comment regarding the feeding tube. I’m slowly getting used to the idea and like you said – it’s a tool. I think it’ll take some of the pressure off him because he won’t have to worry about eating anymore so it won’t be a constant issue. I’m so glad you shared a bit of your experience. It really helps.

    Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Redoing his room has been very satisfying to me and actually to him too. I feel like he can more easily find things and play in there. LOL.

      And of course! And anytime, if you want to email me, you can. The act of eating can actually burn calories too, so he won’t be burning any and it will give him a break that way as well!


  3. Aww hope the birthday party is awesome! And good luck with starting school. I’m so curious about Nancy Drew! I’m ready fort scary season too, and I think I watched the first episode of ND ages ago but got sidetracked. I love the sound of it.

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  4. Big plans for changing around Wyatt’s bedroom, it will look great I am sure and be more practical for you now. I haven’t watched Virgin River because of its difference to the books – I seem to prefer my own version of the story but maybe one day.

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  5. Ooh, Prodigal Summer is so good. As soon as I saw that cover scroll up on my screen, I had a feeling it was a book you would like!

    We just have two episodes of Sweet Tooth left but we really like it so far.

    Good luck with the rearranging/redecorating/getting ready for the school year!

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