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We are back from vacation and we had the greatest time in northern Michigan! But, all vacations come to an end and we are back to business – almost at least.

I did manage to read some where we were there. Not as much as I had though but that is ok. I am almost done with Prodigal Summer, and wow is it a powerful book. I think I am taking in so much more of it on this reread that I missed in my previous reading – perhaps because I am now older? Whatever it is, this book is amazing. My sister-in-law is listening to it and she is having a little bit of a time with it; she has a huge heart and the most empathetic spirit, I once saw her move a slug off the edge of a step because she was worried about it. So when she texted me about the goats in this book, and how she was not sure she could go on not knowing how graphic the book was going to get, I understood. Unfortunately, I hadn’t made it that far either and I can’t remember! If someone who has read it and remembers wants to leave a trigger warning for sensitive souls in the comments that would be great!

I will finish this up this week as Wyatt and I are taking the rest of the month off of homeschooling, yay! When I finish, the next book I plan on starting is by my friend Lisa over at Boondock Ramblings. You may have visited her blog already or read about our Hometown Views post project on my blog. Anyway, she has a book coming out on the 12th! The second in the Spencer Valley Chronicles, and I am looking forward to it after reading the first one, The Farmer’s Daughter. And, Harvesting Hope is available for pre-order on Amazon for only 99 cents right now!

Speaking of Hometown Views, our next post goes up on Wednesday of this week, the 11th. We are sharing about churches in our town. Feel free to join in if you feel like it! I hope to have a linky on my post, if I can figure it out! (fingers crossed)

I only posted once last week, on Saturday when I shared about our first day of vacation. If you are interested you can read about it here. This week I hope to share more about our trip, homeschooling, maybe even a book review! I am so behind on them, it is is pitiful. And I need to update on our butterflies too!

The evenings were pretty quiet up north, and we would settle down in the evening after long days outside, Wyatt with his tablet until bedtime, then Billy and I would watch the newest season of Virgin River. We finished the whole thing and wow, what a roller coaster this time! I am anxiously awaiting the next season already!

And that is about it from our little corner of Michigan! I hope you are all doing well!


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. Oh, I am glad that you’re enjoying Virgin River! I binge-watched the newest season of Virgin River, too, which means I will be eagerly anticipating the next one! Loved it.

    Your vacation sounded wonderful. Enjoy relaxing into the routines…and enjoy your reading. I am curious about Prodigal Summer.

    Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

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  2. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and to our post on Wednesday! I forgot to look up the linky thing last week. I will have to look this week. Glad I caught linky and changed it because it originally said “linky.”

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  3. Sounds like a lovely vacation! A nice spot of peace. I haven’t tried Virgin River – the books or the show but I love another series from Robyn Carr and I’m kind of looking for another show so maybe I should pick up both! Have a wonderful week!

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  4. I’m glad you had a wonderful time in northern Michigan. I’ve heard it is a beautiful place.

    I thought I’d read Prodigal Summer but my notes show no dates that I started or finished it and I have no review. I’m adding it to my list.

    I’m eager to see your post about your hometown churches, and I am glad you are trying a linky. I have used one service for two and a half years, and if you need any help, just send me a message.

    And I’m also eager to hear about your butterflies!

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  5. I have no clue about the book but you could probably find something in the reviews of the book on Goodreads.
    I’ve been watching Secrets of the Zoo. The second season has a bit of graphic situations in the emergency care of some of the animals; you won’t want to watch that.


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