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It’s official. I am in a reading slump. I don’t think it is the fault of the books – I think I am unable to concentrate right now on reading. I just can’t settle in. I am in a sort of busy frame of mind, and can’t keep still lately. And at night when I am still, I just fall asleep. Lol. Next week we will be on vacation, heading up to northern Michigan, and maybe then I can sit and relax and read – I have big plans for reading on the deck in the mornings. I’m just going to take all the books I have been trying to read with me, and see what works. If not, there is always Kindle and Amazon. And bookstores in vacation towns!

And we have air conditioning! Last week we were sweltering and then Billy spent a whole day working with his cousin, a heating and cooling guy, and they replaced our ancient A/C and furnace. Wyatt and I spent that day and night at my mom’s while Billy put in a long day. We are also getting my mom’s house to put on the market, and today Billy, my brother, my SIL, and I put in another long day working on her place, just shining it up and taking care of a few things. I feel like one more day spent there and it will be ready. She has been living at my late uncle’s condo while we do this work on her house, taking care of the kiddos along with my SIL’s mom.

I did have some success reading last week. I went back to one I picked up a few weeks ago, and this time I was able to read it a bit. Not as much as I usually read but it is a start! I barely remember it from the first time I read it, but I think I am already loving it more than the first time around.

I am just sticking with what is working and reading this one this week.

As for television, we are watching Sweet Tooth. I love it. Like, really love it. It is sad and hopeful and cute and quirky and I am just really enjoying it. Other than that, we are not watching much else. We pretty much are exhausted and conk out early. Our vacation will be so refreshing for us!

Last week my bloggie friend Lisa at Boondock Ramblings and I debuted a new feature we are working on together, Hometown Views. We both are posting about places and traditions and things we would want to show each other in our hometowns, and our first post went up last Wednesday. It’s all about our libraries! I also posted about my butterfly project, and about my garden – and the green tomato cake that I made.

And that is about it from my little corner of Michigan! I hope you all are doing well!


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Oh, I so hear you about your reading slump! I am currently in a reading frenzy, but in a sewing slump. How will we work our way out of our respective slumps? Only time will tell! 🙂 By the way, I added Summer Prodigal to my Want to Read list. Sounds good!

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  2. This week was my moving week, and the actual move happened on Friday. Now I am pretty well settled in, except for putting pictures on the walls.

    I’m glad you got AC! There is nothing more necessary during the hot months.

    Enjoy your reading and your vacation!

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  3. I bet you are looking forward to your vacation in northern Michigan. It should be nice and cool there, I’d think. I hope you can settle into your book there. Little is worse for me than when I can’t get into my reading. Barbara Kingsolver should be a great choice.

    I enjoyed the new buddy posts for Hometown Views. I’d love to see everyone’s hometown libraries. Maybe you would consider opening that up for others as a linkup post in the future.

    I’ve shared your butterfly project with some of my naturalist friends.

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    1. I am! I am so excited to just get away again, somewhere, for a few days. I am still super nervous but we rented a cabin and we will just keep Wyatt (and ourselves masked) unless we are outside somewhere basically alone. Or on the beach. Lol.

      That is something I did not think about it! Thanks for visiting them both. 🙂 I have never hosted a link up before!

      Aw thanks! I am glad that you are enjoying them!


  4. Kathy Martin

    Have a nice vacation in Michigan. I hope the weather is good for your. Sounds like you need a break. I hope you find some great books to enjoy. Come see my week here.Happy reading!

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  5. Your vacation plans sounds wonderful! I’m sure a little reading time in the mornings on a peaceful deck will bust that slump. Glad you’re enjoying the reread of Prodigal Summer. I think I mentioned it before, but this is my favorite Kingsolver novel… it’s ben ages since I read it though. Good luck getting your mom’s house ready to list. The real estate market is on fire in so many parts of the country now… hope your area is one of them and it sells quickly!

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    1. Fingers crossed it sells quickly for her! It is pretty crazy here at the moment so we are hoping to get in while it is hot.

      It is so good!! I need to read a few more by her, I have decided. I have only read this one and one other. But she is fantastic!


  6. Sounds like life is really busy for you at the moment so not surprising that its difficult to settle into reading. Must be nice having the A/C functioning. Hope you enjoy your vacation next week.

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  7. We all go in slumps. As long as we’re doing loads of other things that enrich, why worry about less time to read. It will return in spades come bad weather time.

    Enjoy your northern holiday — if you are near Gaylrd, send me a message. The weather is supposed to be good all week!

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  8. Yay for a/c! I imagine you are enjoying it and then some! Enjoy your vacation and hopefully you will kick your reading slump. I normally fall into a slump if I have a lot (or more then usual I guess) of balls in the air – or weirdly temperature change gets me. Audio books have been saving me lately thankfully. Have a great week!


  9. I have yet to come across a vampire series that will hook me. I like the Black Dagger Brotherhood for a while but then stopped. I just finished a vampire book that was how’d on Facebook probably. Too Stockholm Syndrome for my tastes.


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