It’s that time again! I’m joining up with Anne in Residence for her monthly This month we are talking about what we are eating, feeling, going, ordering, and realizing!

So, on with the prompts!

Eating: Fruit, lots of fruit. Nectarines, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries mainly. Turkey burgers and salads. Tacos. BLTs and club sandwiches. Easy stuff, light stuff. It has been aggressively hot here! (at least for Michigan)

Feeling: The summer heat. Also a sense of fullness, I think. When I step outside I am struck by the growing lushness of the gardens, the buzzing of the bees, the butterflies, the fireflies. Birds are singing, neighbors are out. The world just seems so full right now. Of goodness and sunshine, family and friends.

Going: On picnics! I have no idea why, but my son loves to go on picnics. But I do too so it is all good. We have spent some lazy afternoons on the blanket under the trees, reading and snacking and drawing, with the cool breeze sweeping over the water over us, the shade from the trees protecting us from the sun. We could seriously spend hours there. We have also been revisiting some of our favorite places, like the zoo, Greenfield Village, Belle Isle in Detroit. Most weekends we have a fire at my brother’s while the kids play in the yard, getting muddy and dirty and loving every second of it.

Ordering: Iced London Fog Lattes and Iced Green Tea from Starbucks. Both are so darn good! Dresses to wear around the house and to backyard mom’s night out. Books and books and more books. I particularly recommend World of Wonders (for you) and The Big Book of Bugs (for kiddos).

Realizing: That I am a nurturer by nature. That nature has its own rhythms that we can live by. That summer is not my season but I can still find the beauty in it.

How about you all? What have you been eating, feeling, going, ordering, and realizing?


11 thoughts on “Currently…July

  1. On a recent mountain walk, we came across a series of bushes that were absolutely alive with butterflies. Instantly thought of you. And then my dad, because I always think that he is near when I see a butterfly. Tried very hard to get just one to land on my fingers but no luck. You are indeed the butterfly whisperer.

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  2. I’ve also been eating a lot of fruit. Love fruit in the summer especially. Little Miss and I found some wild rasberries in our backyard and then we also discovered one of our trees is apparently a peach tree. The other ones might be apple trees but we didn’t prune them so while the peaches seem to be growing, the others are not. We will see what happens and this year I hope to research how to prune the other trees and maybe we will have fruit on them as well.

    I’d love to enjoy the outside but it’s either been too hot or too wet. I have been able to check on my garden some and we’ve even been able to eat some kale from it. I’m not sure if my other plants will survive all the rain we’ve been having, though. I guess we will have to see.

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  3. Rebecca Jo

    Summer fresh fruit is the best!!!!
    I havent done a picnic in forever. I’m getting too old to sit on the ground that long – LOL


  4. I love that good fullness feeling summer can bring – and the delicious fruits too! Enjoy those picnics… you’re inspiring me to do more of them while we have the weather for it 🙂

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