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Our library is back open for browsing! I went in the other day and was completely overwhelmed by all the book choices honestly, and left with one picture book for Wyatt (which was ok since I have 22 others checked out for him right now) and nothing for myself. Yesterday I attempted it again – and this time left with a nice little stack of books for myself! It was nice to chat with the staff, some of whom I have known since I was three years old! It was sort of strange as well – I was the only patron in there, there were two staff members, and that was it. No phones ringing, no kids chattering in the kids section, the copy machine wasn’t whirring – it was the most quiet the library has ever been. But I am so glad it is open again for browsing! They did a great job over the past year, filling holds, even choosing books for you if requested but for those of us who enjoy just going to the library, it wasn’t quite the same, so it was nice to be back.

Read Last Week:

I am almost done with this one, and while it is not bad, it is also not super gripping, at least for me. Not a slog, but also not one I feel like I HAVE to know what is going on. I will finish it up this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Reading This Week:

Updated: No sooner had I posted this than I remembered that I have a book I have to read this week for a NetGalley review! So my library books have to wait until I finish this one – which shouldn’t be a hardship, it sounds fantastic!!

Posted Last Week:

Homeschooling: Ocean Week 1


Hello June!


Jonathan Creek, although they switched it up again (S5) and it is maybe the fourth time so far? I’m not sure I like so much change! Wyatt is watching Molly of Denali, and Wild Kratts still. We haven’t watched any movies in a while! Maybe tonight, there are a few I want to see!


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

    1. I remember you telling me that you got a threatening call once from your library! I would be sort of nervous about it too. Lol. I have had books that were accidentally damaged – I felt bad and paid for them but for the most part we don’t have issues. (My mom spilled coffee on one once – I always tease her that she is such a klutz!) Lol.

      I saw they are filming season 9 of Father Brown – I can’t wait! And at least watch until season 5 – I want to hear your thoughts. Lol.

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      1. I will let you know. I really went off father brown after the fourth or fifth season I think it was – I don’t know – I’ll have to go back to it. They got rid of my favorite characters and I just didn’t like it as much


  1. Our library reopened before staff even had a chance to get vaccinated, and I wrote a very mean letter to the library leadership. I did not go in until the last couple of weeks. It is oddly quiet in the library here, too.

    Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels looks good. I don’t do NetGalley because I often completely forget about e-books.

    I am not really sure what I’m watching next. I’m in the mood for a comedy.

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    1. Aw man that is not good! I would have done the same! Our library took its time and I am sure everyone there had the chance to get the vaccine by now, we have walk-ins everywhere for the vaccine right now. We do still have to wear masks and they have plastic up but I am good with all of that. I still wear my mask!

      I am not great with NetGalley. I have learned to only request one or two books at a time because I can be sort of flighty about what I am reading. Lol.


  2. I haven’t been in the library to browse yet, but hope to get there sometime this week. I imagine all the choices will seem overwhelming to me, too, after being away for so long! I see Queen Bee in your stack – that was the last book my library book club read before the pandemic. It was a fun read and I liked all the tidbits about bees. Hope you have a good week.

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  3. Our library is open too and I went in the other day and it was so amazing! It is so oddly quiet without story time and whatnot but it is fun to just browse. I might need another browsing session again soon. I think you may have a Barbara Michaels I haven’t read! I love a lot of her books so I need to see if I can find that one. It might be a good one to shake up my reading slump a bit! Have a great week!

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    1. It is right! It feels like some of the life is gone. One day it will be normal again. 🙂

      I think The Dancing Floor is my favorite Barbara Michaels. I used to own it but my copy was so falling apart I got rid of it and told myself that I would buy a new copy. Which I still need to do!


  4. My library has been reopened for awhile, and I love it! I really missed not being able to browse. They actually have a self-checkout app, so that makes things quick, but also means I don’t get to talk to any of the librarians!

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    1. Yes! It is so nice to be there again. Ours has a self check out option but I always take my books up. Lol. I chit-chat and now the holds are out of reach of the patrons, so I have to ask for mine. I should try the self-check out though!


  5. Our library in Florida has been open for months but a very limited amount of people could enter at a time and everyone had to wear a mask and the time was limited that you could stay.

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  6. Kathy Martin

    I hope you enjoy The Wisteria Society,,, It was too silly for me. I only lasted about 15% before giving up. I do love Barbara Michaels though. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  7. Wild Kratts is a fun show. My kids and I used to watch it. Our local library is open as well. I like to request books as I tend to see what they’re about on Goodreads first before deciding.

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