My Sunday-Monday Post!

This past week I decided was going to be a break week – and I legit took a break. We got up and stayed in our pajamas until noon, hung out with my mom, went for drives, played and read books, and that was about it. It was really nice. I did call the neurologist as Wyatt is due for another 48 hour EEG, and his awesome neuro said that we could schedule an ambulatory EEG instead of in hospital. This pretty much means that we take him in, they wire him up, then we get to come home. Otherwise, I was pretty absent from most of my usual life, including social media. I hope to catch up with everyone this week, and visit your blogs!

Read Last Week:

I read Kitchen Witch by Wendy Wang which was pretty good. Last spring when I couldn’t really focus on anything, I found this series and read the heck out of them. They are all also “free” if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Once I finished this newest installment, I moved on to a NetGalley read, On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor. I was excited to start this one as it is set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior, and as a Michigander I love to read books set in my home state. I am particularly drawn to “up north” books. So far, this one is keeping me guessing!

Reading This Week:

Once I finish up Foxglove Manor, I am going to start Between the Sea and Stars.

I have oceans and ocean life on the brain right now, as I have been planning Wyatt and my niece’s last month of school – which has an ocean theme. So as they read watery ocean books, so am I. They will be “officially” done with Kindergarten in three weeks, which blows my mind! We are going to keep learning over the summer since I am the one who will have to deal with the dreaded summer slide, so we may as well just keep going! We will have a more informal school though for the summer, and start first grade in the fall.

Posted Last Week:

One lonely book review – Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Watching and Listening

We have been watching Jonathan Creek still, even though they switched up characters on us. It’s a good end to the night. I also had the realization last week that I might like these cozy mystery shows because my brother and I watched Murder She Wrote all the time as kids. My mom was taking night college classes and I am six years older than my brother, so I was able to babysit him while she was out. That basically meant eating nachos and watching Murder She Wrote. Lol. Anyway. I am still listening to my podcasts, and for some reason spring time makes me feel all goth which is really weird but ok. Maybe it is the rain. Whatever the reason, I am listening to The Grave Talks podcast quite a bit, which is all haunting, ghost type stuff. And when I don’t feel like ghosts, I listen to Ologies with Alie Ward.

And that is about it from our corner of Michigan! I hope you all are doing well!


20 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. Congratulations on such a successful year of homeschooling!
    I always enjoyed the ocean unit in daycare, we’d have paper plate jellyfish hanging everywhere, blue cellophane on all the windows and have fun with magnetic fishing

    Wishing you a great reading week

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  2. It’s always good to take a break and make time to let the brain play. Summer is too long a gap, though. When my sons were young, we would always keep a daily journal (a sentence about our day along with a drawing in K, building up to a couple of paragraphs and a picture in upper elementary). Summer is such a great time for nature/outdoor/science learning, I think. You have done a great job with homeschooling, always finding a way to tie learning in with joy. Congratulations!

    I love to read novels set in my part of the world, too. It’s something about seeing where I am through other eyes, maybe. And I’d completely forgotten about Ologies. I must get back to that again.

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    1. I love the idea of a journal! And yes, we are hoping to be outside a lot this summer, learning and playing and exploring. 🙂 Although, we are doing Italy in July and I am excited. Lots of art and food planned for that month. Lol.

      Oo, there is a really good Ologies on shipwrecks. I have listened to it twice!


  3. Sounds like a great week! I love up- north books too, and that one sounds great! It’s that time of year and I’m feeling the itch to get up north again, and perhaps read about it (and hopefully with a nice dose of mystery). 🙂

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    1. It is definitely that time of year! I would love to go up north again this year – it’s been more than a year since we have been there. Would you recommend that campground that you stayed at? I would love to go back to the Glen Arbor and explore too, and see Fishtown (and that bookstore!)


      1. We stay at the state park and just reserved one of the mjni cabins for a few days. They go quick but if you can get into one (and don’t mind small cabins) they’re fun, and cheaper than the hotels. I like how centrally located the state park is too. And I love the Leelanau peninsula. Do you guys ever go out on the Old mission PEninsula? One of our favorie things to do is stop at the little store about halfway out and then spend a few hours at the lighthouse on the beach. 🙂


  4. I’ve heard a lot about Jamie Jo Wright’s books but haven’t actually read one yet. I just don’t have time! Argh!

    We are taking a homeschool break but will be working with Little Miss every other day during the summer and in August The Boy will start up math again so he doesn’t totally forget it all.


  5. Good for you on self-care. Your mum is amazing, having gone to night school after a full day with her kids. Love how Wyatt has a cousin the same age as him and that they’re learning together.

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