The Beautiful May Be Small

I have a little book that was my grandpa’s. A little “Diary and Daily Reminder”. I am told all the time that my penchant for record keeping and writing stuff down is just like him. I found this little book last year, at the start of the pandemic, and since I had a practically brand new planner sitting around that wasn’t getting used at all, I started to keep track of what I had done that day in it, rather than what I had to do in the future. When 2020 ended, I ordered another one, not knowing what changes 2021 may bring. And while I do add more to it now, I have some stuff to add to those calendar pages, I still use it mainly as a daily diary of sorts – nothing too much, just a little jot here and there of what we did.

My planner has little quotes for every week, just like his did, and the quote for this week in mine is “Look closely. The beautiful may be small.” (Immanuel Kant) I love everything about this; it is so true. I try to find the happy and joy and beauty in everyday, no matter how big or small. Some days big things happen. Sometimes, it is just that I spotted a bunny on a walk, or that I finished a really good book.

So far May has been made up of lots of little things that have made me smile. Lots of flowers, lots of sunshine, and even on rainy days, good moments spent inside, even just enjoying a tea at night while watching a British mystery show with Billy.

May is the month of the Flower full moon, and I fully can see why. I feel surrounded by their colors bursting around me, at the garden center, in yards, everywhere. I am a dandelion fan, I’m sure much to the chagrin of my neighbors who are all very good at keeping their yards perfect. I am sort of a let it grow person, and I like the home the yard provides to insects. I mean, we do cut our grass but not as regularly as most people do. And I like to see the happy faces of the dandelions popping out all over the place. Without them, how could Wyatt make wishes? I am also putting them to use making a dandelion oil infusion to add to lotion bars – a process that takes four weeks!

I love the fact too, that I name all of my houseplants and when I bring a new one home, Wyatt will ask me what it’s name is. These two are new to the house today – Lucy the lemon tree (which I ordered one snowy January evening!), and then little Olive, because “Olive” snails.

I do have this little corner of plants that are nameless though. A wandering dude and a pothos. Any suggestions?

A little spiderweb in my car the other morning, lit up by the sunlight. I guess it has been a bit since I have had a passenger! I let it be.

Lately, this is mostly what my life has been about. Small moments.

Just life I guess. The little things we usually don’t talk about as they don’t seem very newsworthy, yet this is exactly what life is made of, small moments.

What beauty have you seen around you this week?


9 thoughts on “The Beautiful May Be Small

  1. I wrote a whole response on my WordPress app a day ago and then the app quit for no reason, which has been happening a lot to me lately. Then I forgot to come back and write it again. Anyhow, my grandfather used to keep these little journals where he wrote down a couple of things a day. Maybe five or six years of them before he died. I was 2-years old when he died so I never got to know him anywhere other than the journals. There was one journal that had the date of the year after he died and when I opened it, my grandmother had tried to do the same thing for awhile but must have given up. I’ve kept a full journal for years (since high school) but I haven’t kept a physical one in years – too stressed about my kids reading some of my raw feelings years from now.

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