The Nature of Witches

Goodreads Summary:

For centuries, witches have maintained the climate, their power from the sun peaking in the season of their birth. But now their control is faltering as the atmosphere becomes more erratic. All hope lies with Clara, an Everwitch whose rare magic is tied to every season.

In Autumn, Clara wants nothing to do with her power. It’s wild and volatile, and the price of her magic―losing the ones she loves―is too high, despite the need to control the increasingly dangerous weather.

In Winter, the world is on the precipice of disaster. Fires burn, storms rage, and Clara accepts that she’s the only one who can make a difference.

In Spring, she falls for Sang, the witch training her. As her magic grows, so do her feelings, until she’s terrified Sang will be the next one she loses.

In Summer, Clara must choose between her power and her happiness, her duty and the people she loves… before she loses Sang, her magic, and thrusts the world into chaos.

My Thoughts:

I was so excited about receiving this e-book ARC from NetGalley! I kept seeing it around the internet and I knew I would love it. I love this cover, the title, the premise..all are things that call to me!

When I finally got the opportunity to really dive into this book, I didn’t want to stop reading! I read it every chance I got until I was finished, all in one day. It was a fun, quick read.

In the world that Griffin has built, witches exist and each witch is tied to a season – within these ties lies the magic to manipulate the weather and world during that season. These witches help to keep the natural world in balance, protecting all people from major storms and weather events that would otherwise destroy, like out of control wildfires, tornadoes, blizzards – you get the idea. Clara is a different though – she is an Everwitch, the first of her kind in generations. As an Ever, she is able to manipulate and use her magic all year. And it is not a moment too soon either, as the world is shifting out of balance and catastrophic weather events are happening out of season, and the witches who would normally be able to control this weather can’t do it. It is not their season, and trying to restore the balance depletes them. Clara, however, does not want this responsibility or power. Her power is strong and has caused some very tragic side effects, and she would rather live free, without it.

But the world needs her. And Sang, her new mentor, teaches her how to love her magic, herself, and to open her heart again. I have to admit, I loved the love story in this book. I am usually a give or take on the romance plot line in books unless it is a romance book, but this one I really enjoyed. Sang is a beautiful soul and a wonderful character. He is a spring and has such a joyful magic.

Overall, I really loved this book, and I look forward to reading more from this author!

Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the chance to read and review this book!


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