Homeschool: Snow!

In addition to Wyatt’s regular curriculum, every month we focus on a different theme (or themes). This month is all about snow! I feel sort of like I dared Mother Nature with this one, as we have gotten more snow this month than we have all winter.

I haven’t blogged yet this month about our snow studies and I feel like we have done so much! We started the month by talking about well, snow. How it forms, different types of snowflakes, the life cycle of a snowflake, the basics of snow really.

We also did some great art projects. Wyatt loves painting and books so I tried to focus a lot this month on incorporating more of those into our month.

An online friend gifted Wyatt with the book Sneezy the Snowman for Christmas and he loved it so much that I wanted to use it this month as part of our studies. We read the book, discussed melting and freezing, worked on sequencing, and then followed it up with this great activity. This was Wyatt’s favorite thing we have done so far this month.

My little painter. He also painted two pictures, inspired by the books Snow Falls Karen Gardner and The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. (I did help him with painting Peter though, full disclosure in light of the whole North West controversy) We also did some extra studies with The Snowy Day, including sequencing just like we did with Sneezy the Snowman.

Then yesterday we read The Snow Globe Family and Snow Globe Wishes, which were both adorable. We followed up the readings with a little writing assignment, answering the question what would Wyatt do if he lived in a snow globe (answer: paint), and then he wanted to see an actual snow globe. How I don’t have one, I don’t know. So we made this spur of the moment, slapdash, what we had around the house version of one, using a jam jar, a small toy fox, some crystal beads, and then me, wielding a hot glue gun. The beads are too heavy so I need to add some glitter in there, but kiddo loves it, and that is all that matters.

I am going to do a huge resource round-up of printables next Saturday, after we finish up the month’s activities, so stay tuned for that! I will share the books we have read and videos we have watched though.

Books We Have Read So Far:

(This section contains Amazon Affiliate links)

Snow Globe Wishes || The Snow Globe Family || The Snowy Day || The Tea Party in the Woods || Sneezy the Snowman || Snow Falls || Snow || The Snow Rabbit


Wild Kratts How a Snowflake is Formed

Caitie’s Classroom Snow

Maddie Moate Snow

We have one more week left of our snow study, then in March we are mixing it up! Our own March Madness I guess.


16 thoughts on “Homeschool: Snow!

  1. I’m so glad you liked the book! I will have to tell Maureen about your activities and that Wyatt loved it next time I see her. Or maybe I will shoot her an email sometime. She used to read the book at the local library down the street from where we lived for story time. All these activities look like such fun! I should organize a unit on snow since we have so much we can study!!

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    1. Yes, he loves it!! He has always been amused by sneezing so just that alone was hilarious to him, before you even add in the other good stuff in the book. I bought a copy for my niece at the beginning of the month so that she could do these activities too, and she also loved it!!!

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  3. You know how I love your lesson plan posts. Guess who is going back to work??? Just 2 days a week in an elementary school library where I have subbed before. Going to pin all of these books and hope to find them in this library so I can share them with the babies and their teachers.
    That snow globe is absolutely precious. Love the red and white checked lid for the base. You are so very clever. Wyatt’s painting is wonderful. Would be adorable in a white frame. Do you display his art? I can’t remember if I have told you about the line I gave my daughter to hang my granddaughter’s art? Something like this:

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    1. That is amazing!! I know you will be so happy to be back with all the kiddos again. I am excited for you!! And we do but I need a better way to display it. I will check that idea out! I love that Snowy Day painting, it is definitely a keeper for me. 🙂


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