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Happy Valentine’s Day all! We started this morning with heart pancakes topped with whipped cream and M&M’s, and plenty of coffee since we now are dealing with a sugared up kiddo. It was worth it though. Later today we are going to brave the zoo for a quick stop at some of our favorite animals. And I mean quick, it is freezing out there! At least the sun is shining brightly! You have to make reservations for a time at the zoo these days so I don’t want to waste our tickets. We are members so admission is included but since we reserved a time I want to make sure we go. We’ve got a plan! Then afterwards we are going to deliver Wyatt’s homemade Valentine’s to his grandparents. It should be a fun day.

Read Last Week:

I haven’t finished either of these yet, but I am close. I am enjoying them both very much! Last week I said that Graham in The Tourist Attraction reminds me of Luke from Gilmore Girls; I am walking that comment back. He initially did but as I read he is evolving into a funnier, more light-hearted character than Luke.

Reading This Week:

I will be finishing up The Tourist Attraction, then starting A Solitude of Wolverines by Alice Henderson. I am excited to start it, it sounds amazing!

Posted Last Week:

Chitchat Coffee Time Post

Vloggers to Chill Out To


We have been binge watching Hometown this week. We love Ben and Erin, they are so cute and I love their style. Then last night for movie night we rewatched an old favorite, Hot Fuzz. It cracks me up. I am still listening to podcasts like crazy, but no new ones – Morbid, Lore, Red Handed, and Ologies are the ones I listen to the most.

And that is it from here this week! Stay safe and well everyone!


14 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. I am inspired to make some heart pancakes soon. What a great way to start the day.

    Who wouldn’t love getting homemade Valentines?

    I think Tourist Attraction and Brene Brown is a great lineup for a week or two of reading. I wonder if I could find a copy of Tourist Attraction.

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  2. My boyfriend is the usual pancake maker home, with banane, maple syrup and sometimes chocolate ! He didn’t get up early enough that day, lol ! We didn’t do anything particular, except spend the day together and enjoy a good wine 🙂 As I write, my windows are open on the sun, the birds are chirping and I see the small wood nearby, my little bit of wilderness. Enjoy your week-end !

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